We help freelancers & web agencies avoid awkward conversations after redesign projects.

You know the conversation we're talking about. We know you've answered that phone call before.

You've poured your best work into a beautiful, functional, and lead-generating website for your client.

The project went well. You got paid. The website launched as expected and it's a real hit.

Everyone loves it.

So when you get a phone call from the client after a few weeks time you don't think anything of it.

Until you pick it up.

They're pissed.

You're so caught off guard that you barely get the gist of the conversation. This is bizarre, why are they upset? This was a perfect project.

You manage to calm them down and get enough out of the conversation to check on their website analytics while they are still breathing in your ear.

You see this:

Oh shit.

Oh shit!

You ramble off some technical knowledge to calm the client down enough to get them off the phone so you can find someone, anyone, to take a closer look at what's going on. There MUST be a tracking issue on the new site. Right?

I'm sorry. There isn't a tracking issue.

Want to know what happened?

There wasn't an effective SEO strategy in place to handle the rebrand and redesign.

If you do not have a good process in place to handle a redesign project with respect to organic search, then if you haven't experienced the above conversation it's only a matter of time.

The graph might not look as bad as the one above, but if you can't confidently say you did everything possibly given the restraints of the project then maybe we should chat.

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Our Redesign SEO Solution


Audit & Brief

We start by understanding how the old website is performing and what are the contributing factor. From there we brief the lead developer.


Research & Optimize

Next up is the industry and competitive analysis. We plan & develop the optimization strategy for the new website and a lay out a plan for the future.


Launch Support

We handle technical aspects including all URL redirects, submitting sitemaps to search console and monitor organic performance during launch.


Post-Launch Growth

Once the website is launched, we will do a final technical check. A post-launch performance audit will be completed once the new structure is indexed.