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You are an incredible agency that offers an exceptional service to your clients. You’re innovative and a leader in your industry and care deeply about your clients’ results and success.

We partner with client-focused agencies just like yours in a way that allows you to offer world-class SEO solutions to your clients without the high cost of hiring an in-house SEO specialist.

Staying on top of the quickly evolving organic search industry can be a challenge for any agency, especially if it isn’t your core business anymore. However, the demand for organic search hasn’t decreased and clients except organic visibility being a part of their strategy.

Regardless of whether you are currently selling in SEO or not, we can help you grow your SEO revenue and level up your service offering or partner to create a white label or co-branded solution. We partner with agencies of all shapes and sizes including, digital media, creative, branding, and web agencies.

SEO Brothers: Specificity, expertise, & confidence.

Here at SEO Brothers we focus and specialize in SEO. We leverage that specialization to help agencies increase their profits by improving their web redesign SEO process, selling in better SEO solutions, and providing subject matter training to their entire team.

We don’t do paid media, we don’t do paid social, and we won’t try to tell you how to design and develop your websites.

We specialize as a way to provide a superior solution and be able to truly educate and help those that we come in contact with. It’s our goal to demystify the organic search industry while partnering with amazing web and digital agencies to rid this industry of the bad reputation that it does not deserve.

There are lots of firms out there that provide organic SEO services. But very few of them confident enough in their service offering to specialize only in SEO.

We allow agencies to capitalize on our specialization and provide support and margins that generate great profits for their businesses. Let us help transform your agency into an SEO expect in your area.

Agency SEO: More Than Just Outsourced SEO

We understand that every agency is unique and specialized in their own way. With this understanding, we are able to customize a partnership and build a valuable relationship that works for many agencies. Although we start with the website build and focus on delivering the best possible website redesign SEO and initial on-page optimization solution, our involvement with your agency does not have to stop there.

Depending on the volume of website builds you do per month, we have many great features and solutions available to help accelerate your agency’s organic search service growth.

We can help with business development initiatives.

Consider us a part of your team. Throughout the website build process we will be making specific recommendations for ongoing work. In addition to that our team will be available to help your business development team put together organic search proposals for any of your clients – even if they haven’t built a website. This is available in all of our agency SEO solutions and we strive to provide you with at least a 50% margin.

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Training and Support to help your business grow

Our agency relationships goes beyond simply working in the background to offer a great service.

With those agencies doing at least two website builds per month, we work closely with your client services teams to provide bi-weekly training on organic search. From subject matter to help selling in SEO, we make sure you are up to date on all things SEO.

Exclusive Partnerships in Your Local Region

We understand how competitive the agency landscape can be in many cities around the world. It’s in our best interest to partner exclusively with one agency in each geographical location in order to provide the best possible solution.

Finding the right fit is really important. We reserve exclusivity to those agencies we feel we work the best with – which are typically those we are able to serve at the three website build per month level.

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Practise What You Preach: SEO For Your Website

We know the benefit of increased rankings. Unfortunately when it comes to organic search, the web and digital agency industries are amongst the most competitive out there.

Depending on your level of service, we will include a complete ongoing organic search solution for your agency’s website so you can generate more leads yourself.

An Introduction To The SEO Brothers.

We are Devon Bate & Adam Bate. Yes, we are in fact brothers. We work together with our team to provide web and digital agencies with the best possible SEO solution and offering for their clients, while training them to become the go-to SEO service provider in their local market.

We have been working in digital in many different capacities over the past decade including as entrepreneurs, small web services companies, design and development, within large digital agencies, and in-house corporate SEO. We understand how organic search impacts businesses and how it fits within the agency environment.

This industry has received a really bad reputation over the past decade. From our experience, the confusion around the industry and uncertainty in service offering is the primary reason that many agencies have stopped offering an SEO solution altogether.

Our partnerships with amazing agencies like yours allow us to bring world-class SEO to as many people as possible and help change the perception of the organic search industry.

We work with rockstar web and digital agencies.

We love working with web and digital agencies that are doing amazing work with their clients. We love being apart of your team and helping you to level up your organic search offering. Here are just a handful of some of the great agencies and web shops we work with.

Customized SEO Solution For

Vovia provides amazing digital marketing services to their clients on the west coast of Canada. They are exceptional at what they do and provide an amazing quality of service. So it was no question that when they needed a off-page promotion strategy for their clients that Devon had to create a solution that was able to add value to the diverse clientele that Vovia serves.

While Vovia had their on-page and initial organic search services fine-tuned they knew that if they were able to provide an off-page link building solution to their clients that they could add more value, increase their SEO revenue, all while building better relationships with their clients.

Devon was able to help Vovia develop a safe, effective, and profitable link building solution that they immediately sold into their existing SEO accounts and clients at incredible margins.

Delivering Margins, Reliability, and Transparency for Echosims

Echosims needed an organic search solution that worked for their agency and its clients. With a focus on margins, reliability, and transparency, we were able to help Echosims not only deliver the best on-page and website redesign solution, but customize plans for each of their clients based on their specific needs all while delivering margins that made sense.

Bee Online’s SEO Solution

Briar loves building beautiful websites for her clients. She’s an amazing WordPress designer/developer and is passionate about teaching and coaching her clients on all aspects of business and technology.

But Briar was frustrated with what the SEO industry was like and how it didn’t really meet the needs of her clients. She needed to make sure that every website she built had just as much effort put into their SEO and visibility as it did creating a beautiful user experience.

We were able to work with Briar to serve all of her web design projects.

We are more than outsourced SEO. We are a part of your team

Most outsourced SEO solutions task their work overseas with very little interaction with you and your agency. That’s not us. We love working with amazing agencies because we love to be a part of your team.

We will be there to not only support your website redesign efforts, but to train and educate your staff, be available for client questions and concerns, and to provide an excellent level of service that will help your agency become the go-to resource for organic search in your local market.

Common Questions From Agencies

We already provide SEO services, can we still work together?

Yes, definitely. Many of the agencies that we work with already have an organic search service that they offer to their clients. We can help audit the service offering, provide recommendations, and offer solutions over and above what you are currently providing in order to offer a better solution and more value to your SEO clients.

Do you have pre-set pricing for your services?

Sort of. We are able to provide you with pricing ranges depending on the size and scope of your existing clients and projects. However, every service is completely unique to that specific client, so there may be some variation in pricing depending on the needs of the client.

Some of our clients have limited SEO budgets, can you still help?

While there are limitations on what you can achieve given a tight budget and timeline, we do understand that showing some results and quick wins for clients can often mean them finding additional budget in the future. We will work with you as best as possible to find a solution that fits your clients.

What is your hourly rate and how do you bill?

When we quote a custom solution we don’t typically charge an hourly rate, rather, we like to quote per client project or solution. These are usually done in 6- or 12-month projects. While we aren’t against hourly billing we don’t feel it provides the best solution for SEO services in most cases.

I think I’m ready, how do we get started?

First, we always like to take the time to connect and chat to learn more about your agency and make sure we’re a good fit to work together. Fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page and we’ll get in touch to setup a time to chat and learn more.

Can we white-label your solutions?

Yes. We can work both through white-labelling or through co-branding, whatever your agency prefers. Regardless of how you want us to work, we can customize a solution that best fits your clients needs.

Will you work exclusively with our agency?

We understand the importance of good long-term relationships. This is why we typically only work with one agency per geographical location. This allows us to work closely with you to really understand your local market and industry in your area. We want you to grow your organic search business and we know that in order to do that we need to exclusively work with you in your area.

Can you train my staff?

If you have in-house SEO specialists then we can arrange to train them if needed. We always offer training for your account management and client services teams in order to help educate them on SEO and help them sell in services to more clients.

How will you help us win business?

We can provide an assessment and audit of existing client websites and competitors as a way to get a foot in the door to discuss SEO services. Depending on the size of your team, we can also help you pitch solutions while we train your staff to do it on their own.

Do you only do SEO? What if I need help with paid?

Here at SEO Brothers, we only provide organic search services. That said, we work with incredible teams that specialize in paid search, paid social, paid and traditional media and much more. We would love to connect you with someone in those areas who can help partner with you in the future.

Our Agency Organic Search Solutions

Redesign SEO Starting At

Pre-project designer & developer brief
Industry & competitive analysis
Website migration package
Full on-page optimization
Post-implementation report
Access to the SEO Brothers Partner Program
Bi-weekly training for your team

Ongoing Campaigns Starting At

Customized quotes for ongoing SEO
Unlimited support for BD
On-page and ongoing optimization
Local SEO included
100% mark-up available to agencies
Access to the SEO Brothers Partner Program
Bi-weekly training for your team

Organic Training Starting At

Basic to advanced training
Great for all staff and skill levels
Learn our redesign SEO process
Get access to all client deliverables
Access to the SEO Brothers Partner Program
Bi-weekly training for your team

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