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Helping Echosims generate $150k in organic service revenue in year one.

Echosims, Inc.

Digital Marketing Agency
Kitchener, Ontario.


Owners Matt and Jeff reached out to us in hopes of finding a solution for a multi-location dealer network in need of a variety of local-focused SEO solutions, with the hopes of partnering on more business with other clients if they could sell in SEO.

They had worked with an SEO contractor in the past and so were somewhat familiar with the service and discussion it with clients, but had no formal training or process on how things worked or what was actually being done.

Echosims had amazing rapport with clients and a great name in the local industry. While they came to us for a single client service, what they really needed was a complete system for offering and up-selling SEO services to new and existing clients.


The biggest challenge to Echosims was transitioning a few clients from the previous SEO contractor to the SEO Brothers. Since they were in the dark with what work was actually being done for their clients, full audits were necessary in order to avoid duplication of work and make sure everything was above board.

Proper product and process knowledge for their client services teams was also a big challenge. Communicating SEO with clients can be tricky and expectations for the service are not like many others.


We worked closely with the whole team at Echosims to train and educate them on SEO product knowledge, the processes, and how to communicate expectations with clients.

Together, we developed detailed ongoing campaigns that fit the majority of their types of clients so they would be able to sell in solutions quickly without as much back and forth.

Processes that supported their website redesign solutions were implemented so that they could avoid awkward conversations with clients on loss of organic performance after the projects.

Internal communication processes including email and Slack were created to ensure that they can reach their SEO specialist anytime they needed to, just like an in-house staff.


Since partnering with Echosims in late 2016, we were able to help them generate over $150,000 in organic service revenue in 2017 and more importantly, retain the majority of their ongoing campaigns for 2018.

We continue to work together seamlessly as we onboard new projects, keep their team up-to-date on the constantly changing SEO landscape, and helping them grow and scale their organic service revenue.

How We Help:

Continuously train the account management team

Develop custom solutions at 50% margins

Support redesign projects with SEO best practice

Conduct free BD audits on clients for cross-selling

Support AM and sales teams with client calls

Help present deliverables when necessary

Always available via Slack or email when needed

"Devon is a rockstar SEO that knows how an agency runs. He always makes sure we're up to speed on the latest SEO information and is a huge help for support on business development and selling in optimization services."

Jeff Horst

Business Developmenet Manager, Echosims

Meet Your Agency Growth Specialist

Hi There! I'm Devon Bate, Co-founder and Agency Growth Specialist here at SEO Brothers and thank you for checking us out! We love connecting with other like-minded web professionals and agency owners in the industry.

I'm responsible for the growth of organic search revenue for our agency partners - partners like you.

If you choose to work with us, we will be working together closely to develop an organic search offering, training your account management staff, and helping you sell in organic search services to your new and existing clients.

We understand that margins are important for your agency, which is why we always strive for a 50% margin or 100% markup on all of our services.

Interested in exploring a relationship to resell or white label SEO? Send me an email and I'll get back to you right away. I look forward to connecting and seeing if we're a good fit. 

Devon Bate SEO Specialist

There are a lot of different options and direction to take to service your clients' SEO. Hire in-house. Find a freelance contractor. Partner with us.

We aren't always the best option for all agencies but when we find a great fit we can make great things happen. Learn some of the great benefits you will enjoy when partnering with the SEO Brothers.

Slack SEO Support

Part of your team and there when you need us.

We aren't a typical outsourced SEO solutions. No need to wonder if we speak your language or having to manage multiple contractors, wondering who will be available when you land your next project.

Consider us a part of your team.

Whether you want us completely white-labeled, considered an in-house specialist with our own email address, or co-branded support for big SEO projects, we're always here when you need us.

We prefer using Slack or email when it comes to communicating with our agency partners as it keeps our team focused and in one place.

However, supporting you is our first priority and if that means adopting another platform, we can handle that.

Sales and product knowledge training for your account management or client services teams.

We don't keep the secrets to ourselves. Stay up to date on the latest trends and changes in SEO.

Get access to our monthly industry webinars and product knowledge presentations to help support the growth of your team's organic search knowledge.

Win more business with better product knowledge and specific sales education for SEO.

Regardless of whether you have one active campaign or ten, we take an education-first approach to help your team and grow your organic search revenue.


Access to our proven SEO deliverables, or customize your own.

From website redesigns to ongoing campaigns or even supporting business development audits and assessments we have the deliverable for your needs.

We understand that SEO is more than just smoke and mirrors. Clients need to see what's happening. They need real world deliverables.

Whether you're trying to win business with a discovery SEO audit or need to map and optimize an entire eCommerce website, we have the tools (and the deliverable) for the job.

Have your own documents? Don't worry. We can work within your templates and deliverables as well.

During your agency on-boarding process we will setup all deliverables based on your internal templates and train your account managers and client services teams on how to interpret and present them.

Unlimited business development support to help you grow quickly.

No need to pay for business development time or initiatives.

We have a vested interest in helping you grow your organic search services and sell in campaigns to more clients.

Need some preliminary keyword research? No problem.

Technical crawl and assessment with an overview? We can do that.

Video walkthrough of a competitor comparison? Check.

Gut check on strategy and pricing?

You get the idea.

We want to help you grow, without the extra cost.


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