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Scalable In-House Search Engine Optimization Talent Without The Hassle



Passerelle Marketing

B2B Marketing & Branding Company
Calgary, Alberta


Continuously train the account management team

Develop custom solutions at 50%+ margins

Support redesign projects with SEO best practices

Conduct free BD audits on clients for cross-selling

Support AM and sales teams with client calls

Help present deliverables when necessary

Always available via Slack and email when needed


Passerelle Marketing builds amazing brands for B2B, technical, and professional services companies, primarily in the Western Canada market.

As an agency that creates branding and marketing materials for their clients, including beautiful and functional websites, they identified opportunity to support these clients with solutions such as search engine optimization.

When Founder, Amy, reached out to us they were looking for more than your typical outsourced SEO partner. They needed someone truly a part of their team. Someone who is able to connect with clients and present deliverables and updates. An internal advocate for the service who would train other staff members so the service could grow.

They needed an in-house specialist, but didn't want the initial expense or hassle of finding and training top talent.


When we started working with Passerelle Marketing, we knew we had to deliver an excellent service with great returns for their clients, while still maintaining a healthy 50% agency margin. Balancing this at scale was a challenge when finding our perfect fit within the company.

Another challenge in developing a solution for Passerelle Marketing was due to their type of clients. We worked with many highly technical and industrial industries that required extensive research in order to serve.

Lastly, training multiple agency team members in order to ensure that our services were well communicated to clients was crucial in setting expectations and value to their end clients.


The process continues to constantly evolve as Passerelle continues to grow and the organic search industry continues to evolve.

Constant communication via tools like Slack allow our team to truly act as an in-house team member, responding to questions and requests in real-time as they arise.

Defining and implementing processes around delivering audits and proposals, in addition to on-boarding new accounts and projects allows us to scale the solution profitably for all parties.


Passerelle Marketing now has a reliable organic search engine optimization solution with excellent support and scale with less hassle than hiring and training local talent.

We continue to work closely together to develop innovative solutions for their clients' organic search needs.


Web designer or agency owner? Offer a better organic search engine optimization service with our help.