The path to improving your SEO service and profits.

Our family plan provides web and digital agencies with an experienced team of 6 SEO specialists to work on all their client projects, support on business development and sales and helps you 10x your investment in your SEO family.


Introducing the new SEO Brothers Family Plan

Hire your own dedicated SEO family, experienced in client communication, strategy, technical SEO, on-page optimization, content creation, link and citation building and outreach campaigns. Your family of SEO specialists will work with you to support and grow your existing SEO offering allowing you to provide an unlimited number of strategic SEO campaigns.

The Family Plan Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can you possibly support "unlimited" campaigns for so cheap? What is the actual limit?

A. We have spent years refining our processes, trainings, and gaining incredible efficiencies within this industry. We do not limit the number of campaigns you can manage or sell-in to your clients. Some agency partners have a handful of campaigns while others have dozens and dozens.

Your team is shared between 15-20 other partners and while we do not limit the number of campaigns or projects you sell-in, your dedicated project manager and campaign strategist will work with you to adjust kick-off timelines and expectations depending on the current capacity of your team.

Q. What sort of margins should I expect with this plan?

A. It's our goal to provide 10x the investment for what you're paying. We work with agencies managing 250k ARR in SEO campaigns. At the end of the day this will largely depend on how much you charge for each campaign you sell in and the complexity of your campaigns. If you sell in campaigns in the $1500-$2500 MRR range, you will have an easier time hitting the 10x investment levels. However, it is still very possible within the $300-$500 range.

Q. Will you help me sell in services to my clients?

A. Yes. During our routine status calls we can help educate you and your team on selling SEO in general. In addition to this we are happy to provide audits and research along with proposal creation for SEO campaigns so you can have better sales conversations with your potential clients.

Q. Will you meet with my clients?

A. Yes. We meet with all clients as your SEO specialist on a quarterly basis. Outside of this, it is not the best use of time and resources, however, in a pinch your dedicated strategist is able to join you on a call with your client to answer questions and clarify anything about the strategy, progress, or what's been delivered so far. We will not take calls alone with your clients.

Q. What's your process for campaigns?

A. Our general campaigns process includes a kick-off call, quarterly strategy calls, and monthly automated reports. Your SEO strategist, along with your client will help shape the goals of the campaign, and from there a strategy will emerge. The work that need to be done this quarter will be mapped out and completed during the quarter.

This process repeats itself every quarter. Reviewing performance, making decisions on goals, creating the strategy and work that needs to be completed to get there.

Q. What if I already have an in-house SEO specialist - can you work with them?

A. Of course! In these situations your in-house specialist will likely replace our strategist on client calls and help guide strategy for each of your campaigns. We are happy to work along side your existing SEO talent, but we also make a great alternative to an in-house SEO team.

Q. Do I have to train my team?

A. When it comes to SEO you will not have to train your team. However, we respect that every agency is unique and has their own internal processes. So there will certainly be a learning curve and some training on how YOU do things. However, this should only take a month or two to iron out.

Q. Is there a tiem commitment when I subscribe to the family plan?

A. This plan starts month to month. If you would like to commit to a longer term, we do offer discounts. We are happy to work with you to find what works best for your agency.

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