We made it our mission when we launched this business to create a transparent and honest SEO resource on the web – a location that both businesses and industry professionals could turn to when they had questions or needed support. It was our goal to provide affordable and effective solutions that made a real impact for the businesses for which they were delivered.

In order to make the most impact in this industry we decided that partnering with talented, caring, and client-centric web professionals would allow us to reach even more people while helping to educate the industry in the process.

Today, it’s easy for us to say that the majority of the success of our business can be attributed to the amazing and talented web designers, developers, and design shops that deliver amazing results to their clients. To all of you out there that build websites for your clients, we truly respect you for what you do – creating incredible experiences for your clients and making the web a better place.

Do you build or manage web projects for clients? We are doing more research and would love your help

We have a few things planned for 2019 that revolve around better supporting our industry partners. To do this however, we would love some feedback from industry professionals that are chatting with clients on a daily basis to get a better understanding of the types of questions you are hearing.

As a thank you for answering a handful of questions about your experiences with SEO and building websites for clients, I am offering a free Brief & Support package for a web project of your choice in 2019 ($200 value).

Simply complete the survey and I’ll be in touch to introduce myself and chat about your up-coming project, or give you a coupon code to use for a future project.

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