Link Acquisition and Link Building for Plastic Surgeons

Link building is a crucial part of any search engine optimization strategy for plastic surgeons. It's needed to build overall domain authority, add keyword relevance to specific pages on your website, and ultimately improve online visibility and rankings within the search results.

The effort invested into link building will depend on where your website is now compared to your competitor - which we often refer to as a link profile gap. The bigger this gap is, the more you may want to invest in this area.

In this guide, we'll review link building for plastic surgery websites.

Let's dive in.

What Is Link Building for Plastic Surgery SEO?

A link is simply when one page on a website cites your website and provides a hyperlink that can pass that visitor directly to your website.

Link building is the process of building or acquiring links like this from other websites.

Top Plastic Surgery SEO Ranking Factor

While I'm sure you may have heard that there are over 200 total ranking factors that makeup Google's search engine algorithms, over 50% of the weight of these factors typically involves your link profile.

Whether it is overall domain authority, page-specific links, the anchor text ratios your whole website has, or a specific plastic surgery services page link profile, all of these factors combine to make up the biggest part of SEO for plastic surgeons.

Using Keywords within Link Building for Plastic Surgeons

Links are great for building overall authority. This authority will help improve the visibility and search engine rankings of your entire website. However, by building links specifically to individual pages with specific keywords you can achieve an even higher impact.

For example, it's possible to get a link to your website where the words linked are simply "website" or "practice". However, this link may be more valuable if it links to your homepage and says "plastic surgery Miami" or if it links to your individual breast augmentation page and says "Miami breast augmentation".

By starting with good keyword research and understanding your mapped keywords, you will be able to choose the best anchors for your link-building efforts.

Link Building For Local SEO for Plastic Surgeons

Links are definitely going to help improve your website's visibility. However, they can also improve the visibility of your Google Business Profile within Google Maps. The idea here is that you can link directly to your GBP profile to give it additional relevance.

Alternatively, you can link to any of your other citation sources to provide value to those locations as well.

Links are definitely part of a good plastic surgery SEO campaign but they impact more digital marketing efforts than just SEO alone and are also largely part of good local seo strategies.

If you're wondering how to find the right URL to use for link building for your GBP profile, we typically use GatherUp's Chrome Extention. You can also follow these steps from Agency Analytics.

How To Get Links To Your Plastic Surgery Practice Website

When it comes down to link building strategies for your plastic surgery practice, there are a number of ways to acquire links. Let's cover a few of these link building strategies in detail.

Three Main Categories of Acquiring Links To Your Plastic Surgery Practice

When it comes to building links you can:

  • Earn them
  • Build them
  • Buy them

That pretty well sums it up.

Earning Links

Earning links simply looks like producing good content on your website that people want to share and link to and involves having a comprehensive content marketing strategy for your plastic surgery website. Alternatively, you can provide such excellent service to your patients that they want to share your website on their own sites (if they have them) or talk about your brand across the web.

Build Them

This is a far more common approach to link building and involves strategies like guest posting, building aggregate websites, acquiring other domains, and the like. More on this to come.

Buy Them

While it is technically against Google's search guidelines to buy links from other websites, we'd be naive to say it doesn't happen, often. That doesn't mean it's a direct paid placement, sometimes it may mean having relationships with industry writers that write for this topic.

Specific Link Building Tactics To Improve Visibility in Search Engines

One of the first things done in a plastic surgery SEO campaign is to develop a good link-building strategy. Most of the time, you'll want to start small and grow, meaning you'll only pick from one to two depending on your current link profile and then expand as you continue.

Guest Posting

Any SEO company or plastic surgery SEO agency is going to have a source for guest posting. Sometimes these links will be highly relevant and other times they likely won't be. Both cases are okay.

The idea here is that content is exchanged for links. The SEO company will create content and publish it (either directly or through vendors) on third-party websites, usually with relevant keywords included and that content will link back to your website.

This type of link-building is very common and happens across all sorts of web pages. It definitely helps improve organic traffic, but sometimes it can take a high volume of placements to see results.

Acquired Domains

The acquired domain method of link building is a bit more of an advanced digital marketing strategy.

If you were to purchase another plastic surgery practice or medical spa, you would not only get all of their clients, locations, etc. but you'd also get their website and URL, and their digital assets.

That domain name would have value - it would have its own links.

Now if you were not keeping their website and their brand, you would do what is called a 301 redirect (we're talking technical SEO here now) so that their old website is redirected to your current website.

There is a lot of value from a link profile standpoint in doing that.

Now imagine being able to do that same process without having to buy an entire business. The idea is to buy relevant domains that are expiring. Usually, that is because either other practices or industry-relevant websites have gone out of business or shut down.

This is definitely a more advanced plastic surgery SEO strategy, but basically, you can get all the benefits of their link profile sent to your website.

This can often mean building dozens if not hundreds of relevant links overnight, rather than having to wait. They are likely valuable links and are sure to help improve your rankings within search results.

Owned Assets

Owned assets start with a similar approach to acquired domains but instead of redirecting the domain name, you build out a valuable web asset that you can control. You can either treat this website as a separate source for generating leads or simply as a link source.

This strategy is a bit more advanced and most local businesses don't do it simply because they do not have the budget to start it, but it is worth investigating as it's a great way to not only improve visibility in search engines but to provide another medium for leads and round out your digital marketing efforts.

Medical Directories or Industry Associations

Any plastic surgery seo plan is going to include finding and adding your website and business information to medical directories. This is also a core part of any local SEO optimization strategy as it will support the visibility of your GBP profile within the three-pack map results.

Industry associations are another great source, whether you are a member and get a member listing or you have engaged and participated in studies, or data, etc., and are able to get a further mention somewhere on their site. Getting involved with local and regional associations is a great way to support your link profile.

Other Plastic Surgery SEO Practices

Obviously, if you have contacts across the country in this industry, leveraging those relationships to trade links can go a long way to add some quick wins to your link profile.

Links That Search Engines Love

The links that Google's search engine loves the most are those that fall into three categories:

  • Links from highly authoritative sites
  • Links from highly relevant sites
  • links from the combination of both

Now you are likely to hear a lot about white hat link building vs black hat link building. The way links typically work now is that links that are not valuable are simply ignored. So there is much less of a risk of being too aggressive with link acquisition.

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