Industry Specific SEO

Why You Should Already Be Investing in SEO

Improving your placement in the organic search engine results combined with improving the conversion rate on your website is the single best online marketing investment you can make.

There are a lot of great methods, strategies, and mediums to invest in when allocating budget for online marketing, however none of them have the same immediate and long-lasting impact as optimizing and promoting your website with good, industry-specific SEO.

Here at SEO Brothers we understand that SEO isn’t a one-size-fits-all service for most businesses. If you want to really see results within your industry you need to work with a firm that understands your industry, the big players, and is able to deconstruct what’s working now and what will be working into the future.

We work with businesses in several different industries but we always take a unique industry-specific approach to our SEO service offering. You can rest rest assured knowing that we take the time to research and understand your industry before every charging you a dime.

Our Process And How We Can Help Your Business

While our approach in unique to each industry and business, the process below outlines how exactly we work to help businesses like yours. Our process results in the best possible service for your business within your specific industry.

industry and competitive seo research

Industry & Competitive Research.

We start by diving deep into your industry and potential customers. We do our research on searcher intent, keywords, and the buying process so that we understand how your potential customers behave online.

From here, we take a close look at the top performing competitors and deconstruct what they are doing. We compare that to your website and map out a plan to move forward.

Initial Website Optimization.

Based on our keyword and competitive research, we optimize your website to help improve its visibility in the search engines based on your industry’s best practices.

From specific content changes to website structure and layout we work closely with your or your developer to ensure your website is optimized for the search engines. This lays the foundation for the rest of the process.

onpage seo

reanimation link building

Reanimation Link Building.

Now that your website is well optimized, we use our unique process that we call Reanimation to build high quality links to your website. During this process, we crawl high authority websites in your industry – associations, large competitors, etc. – and look for outbound links going to websites that no longer exist. From here we reanimate these websites and recreate them as industry resources that link back to your website.

Google My Business (Maps) Optimization.

If you’re competing with local search terms that include a city geo-modifier or have a physical location that you serve clients out of then a well-optimized Google My Business profile is a must-have.

We handle the setup, optimization, and ongoing citation building to help increase the visibility of your business within the local 3-pack map results.

local seo for businesses

conversion and analytics

Continuous Analytics & Conversion Tracking

Now that your industry-specific strategy is in motion, we will continuously monitor the results and report how your website is performing from a traffic, ranking, and conversion stand point.

We monitor user-behaviour on the website to help improve conversion rate and drive more calls and emails to your business.

Get A Website & Competitive Audit, On The House.

As a thank you for visiting us here at SEO Brothers, we would like to offer you a free website and competitive audit. Simply fill out the form below, including any notes on competitors that you would like us to investigate and we will be in touch to review your audit shortly.

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Who Are The SEO Brothers Anyway?

We are Devon Bate & Adam Bate. Yes, we really are brothers. We work together to demystify the SEO industry and provide information on organic search and related services.

Over the last decade we have noticed a major problem with how most SEO companies are providing their service. In order to get the best results for each specific business, SEO should not be a one-size-fits-all solution, nor should it come in pre-packaged plans.

Our industry-specific approach to organic search helps our clients achieve extraordinary results with a modest budget. Understanding your business, potential customers and what your competitors are doing helps us serve you better.

Common Questions & Answers

Do you work with any business in any industry?

We like to work with businesses in industries that we know well. However, depending on your budget and goals we may accept a business in a new industry and invest the time on our end to really learn and understand your specific industry. Some industries that we do love include: Funeral Homes, Insurance, Home Builders, and Chiropractors. Be sure to start with a free audit so that we can get a good idea of what your starting point is.

Are your services safe? Will my website risk a penalty?

We follow best practices and always avoid over-optimization and other practices that may risk your website being penalized. Our reanimation solution for link building has never resulted in penalties to our clients and we always operate in a way that mitigates risk while striving to get you the best results and return on your investment.

What are conversions? How do they fit in?

Conversions are simply actions that visitors take on your website. Driving additional organic traffic is only half the battle. In order to make the campaign successful, we want to help you convert that traffic into phone calls and email inquiries for your business. We monitor conversions closely and offer guidance on optimizing your website to increase the conversion rate and drive more revenue for your business.

How much does it cost to work with the SEO Brothers?

We don’t have pre-set packages as we understand that SEO isn’t typically a one-size-fits-all service. However, you should have a monthly budget of at least $1500 for SEO in order to see the results that would have a high ROI.

Is this a month to month service or are there contracts?

In order to get you the best results we do ask for a minimum commitment of six months. While most of our clients actively work with us for a year, a six month commitment is what is necessary for the best return.

What happens after the contract ends? Will I still see results?

Yes you will definitely still see results. In fact your performance should continue to increase even after our active work has ended. After your contract we usually recommend a small maintenance plan that will allow us to continue to report on your performance, completely monthly health checks and continue to monitor your competitors for changes to their strategies.

Get Started With Your Free Audit Today.

Fill out the form below and we’ll deliver you a complimentary audit of your website and competitors. We’re looking forward to having you a part of the family here at SEO Brothers. If you have any questions let us know in the comment section below.

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