Home Builder SEO: Doing Good SEO For Home Builders

Why Your Business Should Invest in Home Builder SEO

There’s no question that families looking to build a new home are turning to the Internet to research their choices, home plans, and builders in their local markets. Access to information and options has never been better.

Providing an excellent user experience for your potential clients online is only a part of the battle. With an increase in competition with home builder keywords – including those from brokerages and realtors, it’s more important than ever to make sure you’re getting in front of your potential clients at the right time when they are looking for local builders.

Here at SEO Brothers we understand the home builder market. We’ve been involved in this industry helping both builders and families find the perfect fit, and we understand how people are searching to find exactly what they are looking for online.

Investing in SEO for home builders is one of the highest return marketing investments you can make. Boosting your visibility and converting more visitors into calls and booked appointments will not only make your sales team happy, but it will close more homes and generate more business.

We would love the opportunity to learn more about your home builder business and put together a plan that’s tailored just for you. Request a free audit below and we’ll be in touch right away.

Our Process And How We Help Home Builders

We have invested significant time and resources into learning the best approach for home builder SEO and really understanding the industry and the clients. The below process outlines how we work with builders like you to get the best results possible.

industry and competitive seo research

Competitive & Local Market Research.

We start by really getting to know your local competitive landscape. We do our research on your geographical area and how the different suburbs and development communities impact searcher intent and the keywords they are using.

From here, we take a close look at the top performing competitors and deconstruct what they are doing. We compare that to your website and map out a plan to move forward.

Home Builder Website Optimization.

Based on our keyword and competitive research, we will optimize your builder website to help promote its visibility in the search engines based on industry best practices.

We look at factors like meta data, content, website structure and can work closely with your developer to ensure your website is well optimized for all the search engines. This provides the foundation for the rest of the process.

onpage seo

reanimation link building

Home Builder Link Building.

Now that your website is well optimized, we use our unique process that we call Reanimation to build high quality links to your website. During this process, we crawl high authority websites in your industry – home builder associations, large competitors, etc. – and look for outbound links going to websites that no longer exist. From here we reanimate these websites and recreate them as industry resources that link back to your website.

Local Home Builder SEO: Google My Business, Bing, & Apple Maps

Competing in a local markets means the need to show up in the local map results for each area in which you serve. This means that a well-optimized Google My Business profile is a must-have for each of your physical locations.

We handle the setup, optimization, and ongoing citation building to help increase the visibility of your home builder business within the local 3-pack map results on all platforms including Google, Bing, and Apple maps.

local seo for businesses

conversion and analytics

Ongoing Conversion Tracking & Analytics

Now that our trusted home builder SEO strategy is in motion, we will continuously monitor the results and report how your website is performing.

To take things a step further, we monitor user-behaviour on the website in order to help increase the conversion rates and help you drive more calls and booked appointments from your home builder website.

Get A Website & Competitive Audit, On The House.

As a thank you for visiting us here at SEO Brothers, we would like to offer you a free home builder SEO audit for your website and competition. Fill out the form below, including any notes on specific competitors and we’ll be in touch to review your audit shortly.

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Who Are The SEO Brothers Anyway?

We are Devon Bate & Adam Bate. Yes, we really are brothers. We work together to help home builders thrive in their local online marketplace, while demystifying the SEO industry.

Over the last decade we have noticed a number of major problems in the SEO industry with how SEO companies are providing their service to clients. In order to get the best results for each specific business, we have created a very specific home builder SEO process, unique to this industry. We help builders just like you increase the calls and appointments booked from their website.

Our home builder specific approach to organic search helps our builder clients achieve extraordinary results with a modest budget. Understanding your business, potential customers and what your competitors are doing helps us serve you better.

Common Questions & Answers

Do you work with my competitors?

No. When we work with a home builder in one specific geographical area we always given them exclusivity unless they give us approval to work with a different type of business within their industry in their local market. We appreciate our relationships with our clients and will not take on competing websites.

Are your services safe? Will my website risk a penalty?

We follow industry best practices and avoid over-optimization and other methods that may risk your website being penalized. Our approach to SEO for home builders is very industry-specific, which means much quicker and better results. Also, our reanimation solution for link building has never resulted in penalties for any of our clients and we always operate in a way that mitigates risk while striving to get you the best results and return on your investment.

What are conversions? How do they fit in?

Conversions are simply actions that visitors take on your website. Driving additional organic traffic is only half the battle. In order to make the campaign successful, we want to help you convert that traffic into phone calls, leads generated from your website, and booked appointments for your home builder business. We monitor conversions closely and offer guidance on optimizing your website to increase the conversion rate and drive more revenue for your business.

How much does home builder SEO cost with the SEO Brothers?

We don’t have pre-set packages as we understand that SEO isn’t typically a one-size-fits-all service. However, you should have a monthly budget of at least $1000 for SEO in order to see the results that would have a high ROI.

Are there contracts with your service?

In order to get you the best results we do ask for a minimum commitment of six months. While most of our clients actively work with us for a year, a six month commitment is what is necessary for the best return.

What happens after the six months ends? Will I still see results?

Definitely. In fact your performance may continue to increase even after our active work has completed. After the initial work we will usually recommend a small maintenance plan that will allow us to continue to report on your performance, complete monthly health checks and continue to monitor your competitors for changes to their strategies.

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General Insights and Info on Home Builder SEO

The one thing I’ve learned over the past couple years is that I really enjoy doing SEO for home builders. While the industry is not without competition and its challenges, working with great builders within local communities is very rewarding. Not only do we get to help businesses grow, but we also get to help families find and build amazing homes – that’s what we call a success.

If you are a home builder and are interested in home builder SEO follow the tips and thoughts that we outline and discuss below and you’ll be well on your way at improving your search visibility.

Keyword Research For Home Builders

Like any industry, you need to focus on the right keywords in order to get the best results. Optimizing your website with great on-page SEO or starting an aggressive link building strategy will all be short of wasted without great keyword research.

So what are the keyword groups to focus on in this industry? Lets see:

Home Builder Keywords

The home builder keywords are the most popular and the ones that immediately come to mind when you’re thinking about doing Home builder SEO. Keeping with the Ottawa example like we did in the Funeral home SEO post, we’ll look at some specific volumes and difficulty:

Ottawa home builders / 390 / 41%
home builders Ottawa / 320 / 42%
home builders in Ottawa / 70 / 41%
home builder Ottawa / 30 / 41%
Ottawa home builder / 30 / 41%

As you can see there is certainly some nice volume here for a local keyword group and ranking within the top few results for these terms could certainly bring in a nice amount of leads for your home builder business.

New Home Keywords

Another popular keyword group is the “new home” or “new homes” keywords. These are usually a little more competitive as you will also be competing with local realtors for these terms (not really in this case though). However, since they are referring to New homes and not just homes for sale, a home builder is a better result.

Let’s look at some volume and difficulty:

new homes Ottawa / 590 / 41%
new homes in Ottawa / 210 / 41%
Ottawa new homes / 210 / 41%
new homes for sale in Ottawa / 50 / 41%
Ottawa new homes for sale / 40 / 41%

We normally recommend that the page that you try to rank for these keywords is your community listing page – a page that displays new communities and new homes that you build within the local communities in your area.

Show home Keywords

Another great set of keywords in this industry are those surrounding show homes. These usually have a lot less volume, but are very targeted for your type of business.

Some variations may include “show homes [city]”, “[city] show homes”, and more.

Community Keywords

Lastly, we have the community keywords. These include keywords such as “new communities in [city]” but also include the actual names of all the communities that are being developed in your area.

If someone is searching for a specific community that they might want to live in, and you are actively building homes or have lots within that community, showing up in front of them in the search results page will be hugely beneficial.

Defining The Role Of Your Website

Now that we’ve looked at keywords and what you should be targeting for your SEO we need to turn our attention back to your website.

What is the role of your website? Do you know? If your website ranked for all these graet keywords, what would you like it to do? Drive phone calls? Emails? Book showings of show homes.

While the scope of this post isn’t to get into conversion optimization recommendations, it’s important that you at least think about your website and try to make it as easy as possible for visitors landing on it to take the action that you want them to take.

The Images vs. Text Issues

This is a popular struggle within the home builder SEO industry. This industry is very visual and high quality images of homes are no doubt what will help you sell more homes. That said, there’s nothing that Google loves more than rich long-form text.

You see the disconnect here?

While I wouldn’t tell you to remove to beautiful photos from your website, it is important that there is enough written content that Google understands what your pages are about, and that your images are properly optimized.

Link Building For Home Builders

This industry is full of different link building strategies and there is no doubt that a successful off-page strategy will help your home builder achieve top results in the search engines.

Depending on your budget and risk tolerance there are all kinds of different options, however, we’ll review a couple here.

Industry Networks

Industry networks are the easiest and quickest and while they do come with some risk, that risk isn’t of a penalty or anything like that, the risk is actually that your efforts will be wasted. But that’s what you need to factor in if you want immediate results.

We’ve talked about private blog networks in much detail on the blog so I own’t go into too much detail on that here, but the idea is the same, except the websites that you buy are strictly within the housing industry.

Needless to say, if you’re thinking about doing SEO for home builders then there are some excellent strategies out there that will work. If you have any questions feel free to get in touch, we’re always happy to help.

Let us audit your website and competition.

Fill out the form below and we’ll deliver you a complimentary audit of your website and competitors. We’re looking forward to having you a part of the family here at SEO Brothers. If you have any questions let us know in the comment section below.

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