Partnering To Provide Better Halifax SEO & Internet Marketing Services To Agencies.

We are happy to say that we currently work with two great web and digital agencies in the Halifax, NS area.However, we are still open to strategic partnerships for the right agency. If you’re a growth-focused agency owner looking to level up your seo service offering and add significant value to your clients then perhaps we should chat.

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Halifax is a wonderful city when it comes to web professionals, technology, and the agency space, with a lot of competition in both the small business and large business markets.

This is why we’re looking to partner with leading Halifax agencies to help level up the Halifax SEO industry.

If you’re a business looking for local search services in the Halifax area, we can help connect you with the best agency for your needs. While we don’t work directly with businesses in the Halifax area, we do have great relationships with those who do.

So if you’re ready to start levelling up your seo service then maybe it’s time to get in touch with someone who is a good fit. Click here to see if we’re a good fit.

Halifax SEO: What are your options and why choose us?


We don’t want to work with just any old agency.

We want to work with those that give a damn about their business and growth.

An agency like yours.

There are many options for outsourcing SEO in Halifax.

While there’s no direct cost for you, our campaigns aren’t likely the cheapest. Hell, we might not even be the best (but I’d certainly go head-to-head with whoever claims to be).

But I can promise you a couple things.

If you work with us for your Halifax SEO needs, You will be the industry expert in your market.

We know this because that’s what we do. We focus on you. We educate you. We train you. We help you grow your SEO revenue and service.

We get invested in your growth because we know that’s what’s going to help us grow as well.

How do we really help?

When I say we get invested in your growth I really mean it.

Sure, we help you avoid awkward conversations with your clients and while we research, develop and execute excellent organic search campaigns for your clientsthings don’t stop there.

You see, we don’t take on direct-to-business clients.

We only work with agencies.

Naturally, we only grow if our agency partners grow. So where do you think we focus our time?

Growing your agency.

We provide monthly training, consistent check-ins, and optimize processes that work for both of us.

We help train your team to sell and close more SEO business.

We help you grow your agency.

Because that’s what’s really important here, right?

Margins, mark-ups and pricing

Our pricing model is fairly simple.

We don’t charge you, the agency, anything (unless you want our more in-depth paid SEO training).

This is a strategic partnership.

If you’re a firm that focuses on building websites, you’re likely charging low to mid five figures on average, and you’re able to build and handle multiple projects at the same time.

If you’re a firm that focuses on digital marketing and paid media, you’re likely billing at least $100 per hour and working with clients with low to mid five figure annual budgets for your services (not necessarily including media spend).

Our website redesign solution costs $1500 one-time.

That’s cheap.

It might not stay that cheap forever though, but we’ll lock in existing arrangements.

Our organic search campaigns range from $800 per month to $5000 per month. Recommended margins will depend on our price to you and the value delivered.

We shoot for a 100% mark-up (50% margin) on our campaigns.

Meaning if we charge $800 per month, you should bill the client $1600.

While we can help you support the client, and act as a specialist when necessary, we do not take on the role of an account manager and we are not the first point of contact for your clients.

We just can’t, sorry.

We are able to provide value-packed organic search solutions at 50% margin by stripping away the time and energy that goes into managing the client relationship.

But don’t worry we’ll never leave you hanging in a bind, and we’ll always train you on how to talk SEO with your clients.

Sounds fair? Excellent.

Wait, who are we anyway?

Great question.

We are the SEO Brothers.

Yes, we really are brothers.

We’ve been in this industry for a long time in many different capacities – in-house SEO, as SEO specialists in agency, freelancing, consulting, and running a boutique hosting and web marketing company.

We love connecting with like-minded agencies.

And we’re currently looking for one in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Think we might be a good fit?

Take 2 minutes. Fill out this form.

We’ll do some research to see if we might be a good fit and will get in touch.