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Organic search is a integral part of any digital marketing campaign. With over half of website traffic coming from organic search and the importance that earned rankings has on trust and perception of quality, increasing visibility should be top of mind during discussing with your clients.

We understand that SEO has received a bad reputation over the years but we also understand that the demand for high quality organic search campaigns is still there. Clients today need more than rock solid redesign SEO they need an ongoing organic search campaign that is going to result in an increase in visibility and rankings, organic traffic, and conversions.

We design all of our ongoing campaigns with both the client and your agency in mind. We realize there’s more to executing a digital marketing campaign than the execution and implementation on the specialist’s end. Client services and account management time, handling expectations and client meetings, and all the other overhead that comes with running an agency. This is why all of our ongoing campaigns are customized to your specific client while providing your agency with a 50% margin or 100% markup on services.

An Introduction To The SEO Brothers.

We are Devon Bate & Adam Bate. Yes, we are in fact brothers. We work together with our team to provide web and digital agencies with the best possible SEO solution and offering for their clients, while training them to become the go-to SEO service provider in their local market.

We have been working in digital in many different capacities over the past decade including as entrepreneurs, small web services companies, design and development, within large digital agencies, and in-house corporate SEO. We understand how organic search impacts businesses and how it fits within the agency environment.

This industry has received a really bad reputation over the past decade. From our experience, the confusion around the industry and uncertainty in service offering is the primary reason that many agencies have stopped offering an SEO solution altogether.

Our partnerships with amazing agencies like yours allow us to bring world-class SEO to as many people as possible and help change the perception of the organic search industry.

Our OnGoing Organic Search Process

Our ongoing SEO process depends on the needs and budget of your clients. We have many options and deliverables available depending on the complexity and staring point of their website.

We work closely with your account and project managers or business development team to develop specific solutions with detailed proposals and timelines.

1. Conduct Industry and Competitive Analysis

We always start our process by getting to know the market and industry in which the client is competing. Our industry and competitive analysis will determine what strategies competitors are using and where the opportunities and threats are within the industry for organic search.

2. Benchmarking and Setup

We gather ranking and organic traffic data to determine a benchmark performance and setup any goals in Google Analytics if necessary. This gives the campaign a base on which we can measure performance.

3. On-page Optimization

If we handled the website redesign SEO for this client, then this step will have been already completed. If not, we will complete a full on-page optimization based on the keyword and competitive data we uncover during the analysis.

4. Off-page Promotion

The strategies we use throughout the off-page promotion will depend on the budget of the client, what’s working and being done within the industry, and the length of the campaign. We have a wide variety of outreach and link building strategies available to many industries and clients.

5. Local SEO

Depending on the campaign, we can help promote a multi-location or single-location business within the local Google My Business 3-pack map results. This includes profile optimization and citation building among many other location specific optimizations.

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