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Website Redesign SEO

We Help Manage The Website Redesign SEO Process

We understand that it is frustrating to build a client a beautiful new website only to have much of their organic traffic disappear once it launches. Unfortunately, this is more common than you might think.

When you implement significant changes to site structure, functionality, and/or content it’s not unusual to expect significant changes to organic search performance. Sometimes these changes can be positive, but often times they can take a turn for the worse.

Our Agency specific SEO solutions help your designers and developers better understand the impact that their work has on organic search performance, while advising them on specifics to look out for within each client project.

But we don’t stop there. Our agency SEO service is complete with keyword and industry research, full on-page optimization, and a post-launch organic search audit with recommendations.

An Introduction To The SEO Brothers.

We are Devon Bate & Adam Bate. Yes, we are in fact brothers. We work together with our team to provide web and digital agencies with the best possible SEO solution and offering for their clients, while training them to become the go-to SEO service provider in their local market.

We have been working in digital in many different capacities over the past decade including as entrepreneurs, small web services companies, design and development, within large digital agencies, and in-house corporate SEO. We understand how organic search impacts businesses and how it fits within the agency environment.

This industry has received a really bad reputation over the past decade. From our experience, the confusion around the industry and uncertainty in service offering is the primary reason that many agencies have stopped offering an SEO solution altogether.

Our partnerships with amazing agencies like yours allow us to bring world-class SEO to as many people as possible and help change the perception of the organic search industry.

Our Agency Website Redesign SEO Process

We help web and digital agencies manage the website redesign process through the lens of organic search. Our process will help educate your designers and developers on what, when, where, why, and how, they need to pay attention to certain aspects of SEO based on your clients’ specific circumstances.

Our proven process will help mitigate risk during the launch of the new website, while helping to improve performance after launch. We work closely with your team and provide the following website redesign SEO solution.


1. Pre-Launch SEO Audit & Brief

As soon as you sign a client deal, we jump in to do our due diligence and audit your client’s old website in order to understand what has been working and the important factors that need to be considered when rebuilding their website and brand.

Our team prepares an overview of organic performance and an SEO brief is delivered to your design and development team. This brief outlines important aspects of the old website that are importnat for organic search and makes specific notes and recommendations to mitigate any risk to performance during the rebuild.

2. Industry, Competitive, & Keyword Research & Assessment

After we deliver our brief, we begin researching the industry, competition, and keywords and get a better understanding of what and how people are searching for information within your client’s industry.

Based on this research, and our insights from the pre-launch audit, we will deliver an overall assessment of organic search for your client that will not only provide great insights but will help you sell in additional organic search services for after the website build.

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3. Migration and 301 Redirect Document

When you have a sitemap and wireframe approved by the client we will being preparing the migration document that will help properly manage passing the existing website’s authority to the new design and site structure.

These redirections will be based off of relevance and overall website structure of both the old and new sitemaps.

4. Keyword Mapping & On-Page Optimizations Delivered

When you have designs approved by the client we will begin the preparation of our keyword mapping and on-page optimization document. During this process we pull in our findings from the pre launch audit, assessment, and industry and keyword research to prepare a complete on-page document that outlines our recommended page titles, header tags, meta data, and page-specific content and internal linking notes.

This is a complete on-page optimization solution for your client and will lay the foundation for any additional organic search services they choose to implement.

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5. Three Month Post Launch Organic Assessment

Three months after launching your client’s website we will deliver the post-launch organic report and assessment that will compare performance to the previous year’s data to get the best insights.

Based on the findings of the post-launch report, we will make specific recommendations for improvement that could include ongoing organic or local SEO solutions.

Website Redesign SEO Frequently Asked Questions

We offer SEO to our clients already, can you still help us?

Yes, definitely. This website redesign SEO service is meant to guarantee organic perform of your client’s website after you launch the redesign. We handle all aspects of the redesign process so that you can focus on what you do best – building them a great new website.

Do we resell your services or offer it within existing projects?

We have built this SEO solution for website redesign in a way that allows you to mark up each individual website build solution by over 100%. However, we also priced it in a way that it also makes sense to provide the service included in the existing price of your website builds, adding massive value and winning more business. We can help you tailor the best approach based on your client’s specific needs and budget.

Some of our clients have limited SEO budgets, can you still help?

We include an initial website optimization solution within all of our website redesign projects, which is priced extremely competitively in order to provide you with ample margin regardless of your clients budget. If they don’t have the budget for on-going SEO, this solution will help them ensure their organic performance is not compromised during the redesign process.

What is your hourly rate and how do you bill?

We don’t bill hourly. Our agency SEO solutions have pre-set prices and add-ons depend on the level of service you opt for. If you would like us to quote for on-going SEO work for any of your clients we will do so based on the scope of their needs.

I think I’m ready, how do we get started?

Great to hear it! Right below these frequently asked questions you can choose a package that best suites your agency based on volume of website builds or try us out for a single redesign SEO project. From here, we will call to book an on-boarding call so we can get more familiar with your agency and your team. Alternatively, if you’d like to simply book a demo to see how we can help improve your clients’ SEO, click here.

Can we white-label this solutions?

Yes, most definitely. Our website redesign SEO solution is normally offered through a white label approach. We will handle all of the research and SEO for your redesign project and you can deliver it to your client and implement on their website. Feel free to offer our service at cost or mark up – we leave you a lot of margin.

Will you work exclusively with our agency?

We understand the importance of good long-term relationships. This is why it is our goal to only work with one agency per geographical location. This allows us to work closely with you to really understand your local market and industry in your area. We want you to grow your organic search business and we know that in order to do that we need to exclusively work with you in your area.

Can you train my staff?

We help train your staff to better sell in organic search solutions. We understand that the better equipped your client services team is the more projects we will be able to help you with. We include bi-weekly training on all of our website redesign subscription packages. If you need technical training for our processes in order to do this solution on our own check out our available agency training solutions.

How will you help us win business?

Our website redesign SEO process will uncover and provide valuable insights on your client’s organic search performance. Based on this we will make specific recommendations for any on-going activities that we recommend. We also help with assessments and recommendations for any and all of your clients – even if they haven’t built a website.

Do you only do SEO? What if I need help with paid?

Here at SEO Brothers, we only provide organic search services. That said, we work with incredible teams that specialize in paid search, paid social, paid and traditional media and much more. We would love to connect you with someone in those areas who can help partner with you in the future.

Our Website Redesign SEO Solutions

Three Website Projects Per Month

3 Website SEO projects per month
Unlimited support for BD initiatives
Access to our SEO proposals
Customized quotes for ongoing SEO
Bi-weekly training for your team
Full SEO for your agency's website
Exclusivity in your local region

Two Website Projects Per Month

2 Website SEO projects per month
Unlimited support for BD initiatives
Access to our SEO proposals
Customized quotes for ongoing SEO
Bi-weekly training for your team

One Website Project Per Month

1 Website SEO project per month
Unlimited support for BD initiatives
Access to our SEO proposals
Customized quotes for ongoing SEO

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