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Free SEO Audit: Let SEO Brothers Audit Your Website

We have provided free SEO audits exclusively to our white label SEO partners for as long as we have existed. However, in the Summer of 2020, we decided that instead of only letting our amazing partners have access that we would open our free SEO audit process up to anyone who needs it. This includes agencies, freelance designers and developers, and yes, of course, business owners.

You see, our goal here at SEO Brothers is to be the most helpful SEO company in the world, and in order to achieve that we needed to start doing things a little differently. Things that make us different. Things that make us helpful.

Introducing the SEO Brothers Free SEO Audit

Want your free SEO audit? Click here to submit your site or your client’s site and receive a free SEO audit. Remember, all of these are completed manually and we get a high volume of audits. So on average, they are likely to take 2-3 business days to get completed.

Real Website Audits Done By Real People

These are real audits completed by our trained team of specialists and strategists. We leverage a variety of tools including, SiteBulb, and a variety of other web-based tools. However, we don’t simply generate an automated report and spit it out.

Now, there are many great audit solutions out there that let you simply put in a URL or a website and it generates a score or some metrics based on a site crawl or simple meta-data analysis. These can certainly be great starting points but are not full audits. An audit should look at more than what gets generated in a site crawl, as it should look at more than how well optimized a page is for a single keyword.

Our specialists follow our free SEO audit process but understand that each and every website is unique, which means if they encounter something that seems unusual, they dive deeper to uncover potential opportunities or issues.

What Do We Look At In Our Free SEO Audits?

As you can see from the video above, we have a template-driven free website audit that is consistently being updated and tweaked based on new discoveries and tools. Our core areas of focus include:

Technical aspects – these include things like page speed, orphaned pages, and crawl errors and can get into internationalization with hreflang, structure data, and more if needed.

Link Profile review – things like broken backlinks, the general idea of size and authority of link profile, and any potential threats.

Content-related aspects – this will include a review of any duplicate content issues, thin content, and basic metadata optimizations. We cover a lot of the keyword relevance related things within the content seconds.

Site structure review – this is a combination of technical and content that looks at the structure of the site and its available content assets to get a sense of whether or not it would be a good candidate for a campaign or if it would require additional work on restructuring before investing in ongoing SEO.

Local and Google My Business factors – we touch on the consistency of NAP, and optimization of GMB profiles.

Our template is based on common issues and opportunities that we have identified across many audits. However, because our website audits are completed by real people and not machines, they will take the time to understand the website and make sure that we also consider things outside of the template.

How do we deliver the free audit?

Our free SEO audits are delivered via Google Sheets. The end deliverable may look something like this:

Our Free SEO Audit Deliverable Snapshot

Can I just get an audit score or something quickly?

There are a lot of great resources on the web that will generate you a “Score” or something similar as a way to measure certain aspects of SEO (on-page elements, size of link profile, etc.). While these can be good starting points, they are not the resource we are building here at SEO Brothers. We wanted to design our free audits to be both in-depth and as actionable as possible given the limitation of the fact that they are free.

If you insist on getting an auto-generated audit, here are a few great resources on how to do an SEO audit, many provide push-button or tool-based audits (and some of our insight):


This audit took about 30 seconds but was only for the actual URL you put in. It did not appear to have crawled the website but provided a bit more context than a single-page audit. There were some decent insight across many areas and some site-wide metrics as well.

SEO Site Checkup

This is definitely a single-page auditor, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing if that’s what you’re looking for but it does not provide the same level of site-wide metrics as others. It does provide basic technical aspects but tries to push you into a free trial upgrade for other things.


This was definitely my favorite one-click auditor as it appears to have crawled the website, or at least a sample of it. It outlines critical errors, warnings, and notices, much like you would see in any website crawler.

It’s important to note that all of these above tools, while great for what they do, don’t necessarily paint a full picture and nor do they tell you where your biggest opportunities are – usually only where the biggest issues are but if you’re looking for a one-click audit report, I hope this has solved your problem.

What Happens After The Free SEO Audit?

Once our specialist or strategist completes your free SEO audit, it’ll be delivered via Google Sheets, as mentioned. If you’re interested in exploring options to improve your visibility based on the findings a member of our team or a premium partner will set up a time to review the audit and discuss the best next steps for your website and business.

All of our free audits are designed to be actionable and packed with value. This means that even if you do not want to continue to invest in any sort of SEO, you should be able to get incredible insight and action items that you can work away on to help improve the visibility and usability of your business’s website.

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