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The Niched Agency
A Unique Approach to Local Lead Generation with Michael Venidis

We are welcoming Michael Venidis in this episode. He is the CEO of RYNO Strategic Solutions, a business that specializes in local lead generation for the home services industry.

When you’re starting your own venture in entrepreneurship, it’s not necessary for you to see the entire path forward—all you need to do is take the next step. Michael firmly believes that those who are doers automatically expedite failing forward, and therefore, they also find success much sooner.

11 years ago, Michael was a touring musician. His band never got big enough to make a living from it, but he enjoyed it. That was until one day when he was shot and left for dead in downtown Phoenix. Due to his injuries and limitations, he was forced to look for remote work, and this was before remote work was as common as it is today. That’s how he ended up at RYNO: He ended up starting a contract, entry-level position classifying phone calls and distinguishing new leads versus repeat customers.

Michael found success in his role, utilizing data and focusing on the client journey. Following a consumer through the funnel and seeing the outcome of everyone’s efforts helped him gain a high-level view of how all the moving pieces in a business work together. Early in his career, he also fell into SEO and spent a lot of his spare time soaking up all the knowledge he could.

When the pandemic hit, RYNO’s primary clients—home service providers—found themselves in a unique position. While some businesses would take a hit financially during this time, these types of businesses were bound to be busier than ever because people were at home more than ever. It was the perfect time for their clients to double down on their efforts.

When you’re running an agency, it’s crucial to have a niche. This allows you to focus on being the best at what you do and build services that truly all tie in together. At RYNO, they offer a unique service based on what their clients need, which is customer service representative training. This is a sticking point for many home service businesses when it comes to gaining leads, and by being an authority in this space, RYNO is able to meet its client’s needs successfully.

Michael travels doing presentations, and many of his conversations sound the same. He often asks where the attendees get most of their leads, and almost all respond with “word of mouth.” Then he asks: What do you think it’s a referral for? The answer is trust. Trust is the core of what you’re really trying to obtain. Where do people go when they’re looking for a business they can trust? They go to Google. That’s why it’s important to prioritize SEO.

After all these years, RYNO has not forgotten where they came from. Even though their business has found great success and they operate a top-performing podcast, they still love supporting those mom-and-pop businesses. They have various packages to suit their client’s needs at every level. Helping business owners accomplish their goals and dreams is what they do.