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Building a Niche That Deepens Connections with Prashant Mahajan and Bianca Blake

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Building a Niche That Deepens Connections with Prashant Mahajan and Bianca Blake

Prashant Mahajan and Bianca Blake of Klickrr join us in this episode. Klickrr is a marketing technology company that specializes in helping their customers grow their businesses by crafting a strategy that uses an in-house text messaging platform.

Lawn care companies, supplement companies, and other businesses that thrive off of repeated engagement with their customers are the perfect-fit clients for Klickrr. Their technology drives reengagement in a world where customers are distracted and have a lot on their plate.

When you work with Klickrr, they don’t just hand off information—they roll up their sleeves and get involved in understanding and marketing your business. You get more than just a text message service when you work with them. You also gain an account manager and a personalized strategy.

Prashant wasn’t always an entrepreneur, but while working in Boston, he dipped his toe into it when he tried creating a startup with co-founders from Harvard. While it didn’t work out, he learned a lot and had an “a ha” moment that really led him to where he is today with Klickrr. Bianca’s background is in strategic marketing, and she began her career at Johnson & Johnson.

Years later, Bianca had an experience that led her to realize the results and growth she produced didn’t reflect her pay cheque. This is when she became interested in starting her own business. Bianca and Prashant’s paths would eventually cross when consulting the same business in West Africa.

They founded Klickrr in 2019 with a goal to make marketing easier and more efficient using technology. One key thing that has helped them gain success is flexibility. Learning to pivot goes a long way. By creating their own in-house technology and not relying on the functionality of other platforms to be successful, they’ve learned to avoid a common pitfall in the marketing space.

When you think of SMS, you probably think about how you use it in your personal lives. However, using it for a business is quite different. It can help you deepen an already established relationship and help your customers reach you more easily. SMS also reduces the noise when you’re connecting with your clients, which keeps it simple for you and your clients.

Text messaging as a marketing tactic is still growing. In many ways, it’s still in its infancy stage just like social media advertising was once upon a time. When used the right way, it’s not only a credible method of reaching the right people, but it’s also effective.

What’s beautiful about Klickrr is that they don’t try to do it all, but the few things they do, they know to do well. While some SMS marketing companies might have a sort of spammy approach to texting, what differentiates Klickrr from their competitors is simplicity and data-backed strategy.

When you send an email, you can’t be certain when your client or customer will see it. With a text message, you can assume with confidence that the recipient will read it within about 30 minutes. This allows the sender to put forethought into the timing of the message and send it at the perfect time.

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