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How Tim Brown Built a Roofing-Focused Marketing Company

The Niched Agency
The Niched Agency
How Tim Brown Built a Roofing-Focused Marketing Company

On this episode of the Niched Agency Podcast, we welcome guest Tim Brown. Tim is the Founder and CEO of Hook Agency, a home services and roofing-focused marketing company specializing in search engine optimization (SEO), lead generation, and website building.

Tim worked through college as he learned web design—a two-year program he took 10 years to complete. He created some great, custom-looking websites by modifying themes. Eventually, he went to work for an agency doing design and development and even some bigger projects from scratch.

When he got out of college, he started making $42K a year. It was a low salary he was grateful for. Eventually, he worked his way up through the ranks of the company and made $72K. At the same time, he was also soliciting freelance work. Eventually, he began making more through his freelance work, so he decided to risk it all and go out on his own.

In his first year in business, he hired a coach who told him to niche down. He sort of listened and eventually landed on home services. Now, he completely focuses on that industry, almost entirely in the service of home roofing. Going for “contractors” cast too wide of a net, but roofers tended to stick and allowed him to go full niche.

Tim has been pursuing manufacturers for a while, and through persistence, he’s broken through with three leads this week. A lot of people ask Tim how he came out of nowhere, but the truth is it’s been a lot of hard work and years in the making. With this, he’s about to cross a major milestone in his business.

Hook Agency primarily offers a full package as opposed to à la carte services. This is the best way to go about it because a website alone isn’t guaranteed to bring you more leads. The right package is crucial to helping their clients support their businesses. Right-fit clients for their agency generally fall between $3-$15 million dollars per year, and any business underneath that is referred to their partners.

Video content is a pillar of establishing their authority in the roofing business, as well as making partners with influencers in the roofing industry. A lot of time is dedicated to creating content to share on multiple platforms. Tim’s biggest tip is this: You don’t have to be an expert in your niche to be successful. Tim isn’t a roofer, but with the right strategy, he’s managed to position his business as an expert in this space.

Tim has also been experimenting with AI tools like ChatGPT. Based on his experience with SEO, he thinks merging these tools with real human value is the key to creating great copy. The best content is usually the hardest to make. For example, lists with opinions. Embrace the tools available, but always remember the importance of quality over quantity.

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