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Managing a Global Writing Team: Inside WriterArmy

The Niched Agency
The Niched Agency
Managing a Global Writing Team: Inside WriterArmy

Sully Chaudhary is our guest on this episode of the Niched Agency Podcast. In 2013, Sully founded WriterArmy, an agency focused on producing valuable content and content marketing strategies that initiate growth, primarily meeting business-to-business needs.

He started his career in copy and content writing in around 2008 as a freelancer. Over time, he became more involved in marketing, paid ads, and more. Eventually, he dedicated himself to branching out on his own, which is when he started WriterArmy.

Since its inception, the agency has been experiencing slow and steady growth. Their bread and butter is SEO content that’s scalable. They have an app they use to manage their over 100 writers. Their team is diverse and global, but their writers all live in North America.

AI writing software is a hot topic right now, but Sully doesn’t believe that it will take over the job of writers. Most agencies aren’t using it because they’re waiting for the “Google slap”—the consequence of Google using AI-written content from services like ChatGPT. Plus, there’s more to great SEO than copy alone. That considered, this has inspired their agency to create a new service using AI-created content and editing by humans.

Initially, the growth of WriterArmy was inhibited by the role Sully took on within the business. He was way too involved with the operations and even continued writing and editing. Eventually, he realized he needed to be working on the business rather than in the business. He wasn’t yet thinking like an entrepreneur and needed to grow into that mentality.

Sully has learned a lot in starting his own agency. In the beginning, it was tough as he moonlighted the agency and continued freelancing to pay the bills. He also wore a lot of hats in the business—an experience lots of agency owners can relate to. A lot has changed since the beginning, and bringing in partners is something that he’s looking forward to doing soon.

At WriterArmy, they provide one main service to one main client: SEO writing for marketing agencies. Working with agencies is the bulk of their business, but they do work with other types of businesses, too. They create what Sully calls “white label content,” which is content that’s made to be resold at a 100% markup. They have partners that fulfill the other services they don’t necessarily offer.

With a new service, including AI support, on the horizon, Sully feels equipped to pivot as content writing moves in a new direction. The service is available privately now for agency owners who are ready to be onboarded. The most common types of content they produce are blog content, pillar content, and landing pages. There are also writers who create case studies, whitepapers, eBooks, and social media copy.

The work that gets assigned to each writer at WriterArmy is conveniently managed within an app. Through this app, it’s made clear what each writer’s strengths and capabilities are. This app is only for internal use right now.

Promoting one product to one target has helped Sully generate success with WriterArmy. Focusing on this and creating messaging to support it has led the company to continue building on its success. You don’t have to do all the things to be a successful agency; you just need to do one thing very well.

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