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Medical Aesthetics Niche Marketing with Jacob Longoria

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Medical Aesthetics Niche Marketing with Jacob Longoria

Our guest today is Jacob Longoria, CMO of Projected Growth Consulting. Jacob has a long and storied history, from musician to marketing maestro. Now, with his team, Jacob is helping to grow their business and niche down into the medical aesthetics industry.

Always a creative person at heart and by nature, Jacob had a long, exploratory period of his life before coming to where he is now. He was previously a professional musician, an audio engineer, and in the restaurant business. He came to marketing when the opportunity knocked. Jacob has always been interested in marketing since his father started his own business without any middle school or high school education. As his parents were migrant workers, Jacob would go to the bank and help his parents with the documents.

When Jacob thought about what he would call his career, it was always going to be owning a business that would impact people’s lives. Marketing is how you make this impact. Without marketing, your business doesn’t grow. At a crossroads in his life, when social media was exploding, Jacob began his marketing career. The grind started after the 9 to 5. Coming home from the day job, Jacob would put the hours in at home. You need a lot of reps and learning to develop a marketing skillset. You have to dedicate the time to it.

You can’t focus on every aspect of the industry. Jacob knew he had to niche down, concentrate on a specialty, and become the best. Projected Growth Consulting services specifically service the medical aesthetics industry. These are businesses like medical spas, cosmetic surgeries, and other businesses in that niche. Jason came to this niche corner of marketing after parting ways with his business partner and becoming a solopreneur.

After moving to Projected Growth Consulting, Jason asked himself, “what can I do to improve this business?” After a year and a half of solid work, the company has grown, and his team has expanded to not only service the company’s needs but those of their clients. Now, Jason captains a marketing team that services multi-million-dollar businesses and smaller local brands. With a CEO already heavily involved in the medical aesthetics space and a ton of experience, the only way was up.

It’s important to remember that you are going to fail. No matter what, the most important thing is to learn from the experience and make it right. Everything that Jacob does now comes from the multitude of past mistakes and what he learned from them. As a creative endeavor, marketing is subjective. It takes many iterations and experiments to find what works. It takes being a scientist to be creative sometimes.

Communication is key. If you can easily communicate your campaign to your clients and connect easily with what you are creating, then you are on the right track. The key components are technology and persuasion. If one fails, they both do. Ask yourself, what does my client need to communicate, and to whom?

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