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Navigating the Marketing Maze for Introverts with Pedro Fernandez

The Niched Agency
The Niched Agency
Navigating the Marketing Maze for Introverts with Pedro Fernandez

Today’s guest is agency owner Pedro Fernandez. Pedro has been in digital marketing for over twenty years and was interested in search engine optimization even before Google was popular. He now coaches introverted entrepreneurs on how to reach their ideal customers in a way that feels natural and organic to them.

Somewhere around half of the population identifies as an introvert. But what’s the difference between them and extroverts? Well, extroverts thrive on feedback and derive energy through being in the company of others. In contrast, introverts tend to be more sensitive with their time because they recharge when they are alone. No matter which you identify with more, it’s important that the marketing tactics you use suit you as a person.

What inspired Pedro to go out on his own and start his own business was his desire to take the SEO and marketing knowledge he had and make these services more widely available to small business owners and entrepreneurs. However, during the early stages, he fell into the trap of doing whatever worked for everybody—often agreeing to work he didn’t enjoy—which ended up defining his business.

Eventually, he decided to pivot and niche down. When he was approached by clients with work he wasn’t inspired to do; he would direct those inquiries to other resources. This meant Pedro could still help them without being the one to take on the work. Over time, he’s become passionate about connecting people with the right resources for their business.

This may surprise you, but a niche is not your target demographic or age group. The niche actually describes what problem you solve. So, if you know the exact problem you solve, you already know your niche. Just because you’re in marketing doesn’t mean you have to jump on the newest tactic. It’s much more important to be market-driven and tailor services that actually suit your clients.

Successful brands know one important thing: they understand people want to be invited into a story, one where their problem is solved, and they have a happy ending. As a marketer, the job is really to create this story by removing the noise around it. This is accomplished through message clarity and by making the story about the client such that your audience feels they’re being spoken to directly.

Do smoke and mirror marketing tactics work? Sometimes they do. However, this doesn’t help to build long-lasting relationships that are crucial for a business to thrive. Aggressive marketing tactics create an air of using customers to solve a business problem instead of using marketing to solve the customer’s problem. The best businesses in marketing and SEO win by doing the right thing. With Pedro, everything is above board, which can be hard to find these days.

If you’re interested in creating a website that invites your audience into a story that solves a pain point for them, Pedro has a course for you. In the course, you’ll be shown how to come up with a basic marketing funnel. This funnel is the foundation for the rest of your marketing strategies, and you’ll discover how you can use it to provide value for your clients. It’s perfect for introverts who want to channel their natural energy into an aligned marketing strategy.

Check out Pedro’s website here:

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