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The Niched Agency Podcast

The Podcast that Unlocks the Power of Knowledge

Transparent and honest account of what it takes to scale a productized business in the organic search industry. Oh and we'll share some training and updates on what's happening in the industry too.


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Marcel Petitpas’ Journey from College Dropout to CEO

On this episode of the Niched Agency Podcast we’re joined by Marcel Petitpas, the co-founder and CEO of Parakeeto. Parakeeto is a technology-leveraged service firm that specializes in measuring and improving the profitability of digital…

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Offering a better organic search engine optimization service with our help. The process begins with a phone call.

Medical Aesthetics Niche Marketing with Jacob Longoria

Our guest today is Jacob Longoria, CMO of Projected Growth Consulting. Jacob has a long and storied history, from musician to marketing maestro. Now, with his team, Jacob is helping to grow…

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Navigating the Marketing Maze for Introverts with Pedro Fernandez

Today’s guest is agency owner Pedro Fernandez. Pedro has been in digital marketing for over twenty years and was interested in search engine optimization even before Google was popular. He now coaches…

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Welcome to The Niched Agency Podcast!

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Web designer or agency owner? Offer a better organic search engine optimization service with our help.