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The Four Most Important On-Page Elements To Optimize

Video Transcript:

Hey everyone, Adam here. Older brother at SEO Brothers. In today’s video we’re shifting away from keywords and more into on-page elements and on-page optimization – which will be our theme of the month in February.

Today will be a quick video where I’ll be sharing the top four most important elements to optimize in order to improve visibility of a page for a specific keyword or keyword group.

The data I’m sharing, has been tested and debated at length. Testing is done using acceptable SEO testing criteria, which you can find more info on at the SEO intelligence agency.

So lets dive in.

The first element and the one with the most weight for keyword relevance is the page title – the meta page title or the content that is wrapped within the title html tag in the head section of your page.

The second element is surprising to most, but it is the header 3 or H3 tag within the body content of your page. It doesn’t have the same weight if you’re using it on a sidebar or a footer, but when placed in the body copy or content area of your page, has very high impact on keyword relevance.

The third element is body text itself. Including the keyword within the body copy or the content area of your page is very important – and is the third most important on-page element to increase keyword relevance.

The fourth and final element is the URL slug. These are the words in the URL after your domain that somewhat describe the page. This element has the fourth highest impact for on-page optimization. This is why it’s important to use real language user-friendly URL slugs and not dynamic or parameter-based URLs.

So to recap again, the four most important on-page elements include The Page Title, the header 3 tag, the body text or copy, and the URL slug.

Now there are many other elements you can optimize – header 1, 2, 4 tags, meta descriptions or keywords, anchor links, and bold or italicized content.

Now some of these have 0 impact on how well you perform in search engines and others have a slight impact.

However, starting with these four on-page elements will allow you to add a boost to your page-specific keyword relevance and help improve visibility for that keyword group.

I’m going to stop things here and let this one sink in. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to ask – I’m always happy to discuss on-page factors and elements and we’ll continue the conversion next week when we get into site structure and internal linking.

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Adam Bate

Adam is the older brothers here at SEO Brothers. While he is not deep diving into optimizing websites, he's hanging out with his wife and three children in beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada.

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