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Understanding Keyword Groups: Navigation, Informational, & Transactional


I wanted to chat today quickly about the different types of keywords. When you’re conducting keyword research for a campaign or project, you’ll want to make sure you break your keywords out into at least these three distinct groups or “types” of keywords.

The first type is navigational keywords.

These keywords are often overlooked on smaller projects as they are typically more important to larger brands – since they are usually brand-related – where the intent behind them are to navigate somewhere specific.

This could be something like “RoyalBank online banking” the users know where they want to go but are using search queries to find there way there.

Next keyword group is informational.

These types of keywords include many “how to” or “something vs something”, pricing-related keywords can also fall into this category. The general searcher intent behind this keyword group is that the searcher is looking for information. Typically this is further broken down into two types of information – problem solving information or research-related information.

I’ll give you an example of each.

A problem solving keyword could be something like “How to stack firewood” or “Where is the best place to stack firewood” – a pretty basic information keyword that solves a problem I have right now – stacking all of my firewood. This keyword is going to have a mix of video and written content high in the SERPS.

A research-based informational keyword – keeping in the same industry – would be something like “what size wood stove do I need to heat my house”. Unlike the first keyword this is more research-based. Yes I have a problem – heating my home – but now I’m specifically researching a wood stove as the solution and need more information on size.

Now this keyword isn’t going to convert on first visit. They aren’t going to visit based on this keyword and purchase a wood stove likely, but it is a chance to build a relationships and get your brand in front of this potential client at the right time.

The last keyword group we’ll cover here area transactional keywords.

These are keywords that are bottom of funnel where a searcher is looking to make a transaction sooner than later. Keeping in line with our industry, this could be a geo-modified search with “city” wood stove for sale. Or “where to buy a wood stove near me” or “buy wood stove online”. In an industry like this these keywords may not convert into an actual transaction online, rather they might be a phone call or a visit to your store based on the information they find. Personally when I bought my wood stove I went in and saw it in action before doing so – but yes I did start with searching Google to determine where I was going.

When conducing good keyword research and going through the mapping process make sure you keep in mind these keyword groups so you can best plan your content and keyword map accordingly.

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Adam Bate

Adam is the older brothers here at SEO Brothers. While he is not deep diving into optimizing websites, he's hanging out with his wife and three children in beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada.


  1. Alkan on February 6, 2022 at 10:50 am

    Hey Adam thank you very much for the explanation. I came to this page from the “Keyword Mapping” article (which I googled as “keyword mapping E-Commerce SEO – Informational Keyword).

    Then you mentioned in the video to look for the video about keyword types.

    That’s when I returned to Google and typed “seobrothers keyword type”, which I assume is now a navigational keyword, correct? 🙂

    Thanks for the explanation 🤙

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