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White Label SEO Audits: What To Expect & How To Deliver White Label SEO Audits

If you’re offering SEO services (or are interested in offering SEO services) then chances are that the relationship starts with some sort of SEO Audit. There are so many different shapes, sizes and types of audits. From automated software-driven audits, to detailed content audits to simple technical audits and everything in between. As a firm that is not interested in executing their own audits and providing SEO services in-house, finding a good solution for white label SEO audits is key.

When shopping for a white label SEO audit you’ll likely come across three main types of audits:

1. Free SEO Audits aimed at winning business.
2. Paid discovery audits acting as a stand-alone service.
3. Audits that are part of an ongoing campaign or project.

For executing these audits, there are two main methods that are being used:

1. White Label SEO Audit Software
2. Manual White Label SEO Audits

Important Factors for White Label SEO Audits

Before we jump into everything mentioned above I wanted to highlight some important factors. I’m not going to go into too much detail on how to do an seo audit, as I’ve written about that in another post. However, from a high level, your audit should look at identifying both issues and opportunities across multiple areas of SEO that could include:

  • Current performance and visibility
  • Content factors
  • Technical factors
  • Relevance factors
  • Link Profile factors
  • Local Factors

Now I respect this is fairly generic and I’ll reiterate that no two SEO audits are going to look the same – it’ll really depend on the intent for the audit and matching the deliverable to what the purpose is and what your end client is expecting.

Winning more business with free white label SEO audits

These are likely the most popular type of audit – regardless of whether it’s a white label audit or not. Free audits are a great foot-in-the-door approach to getting a meeting or sales call with a potential client, or pitching a more detailed and outlined service.

I’m going to let you in on a secret of a free audit though – it still needs to be actionable and deliver value. If your free audit is really just a proposal disguised as an audit, it’s not an audit, it’s a proposal. I’m not saying there isn’t a place for good audit data in a proposal – but don’t call it an audit.

Or if your free audit is just a bunch of technical gibberish without context or insight it’s not an audit, it’s just a waste of time.

Your free SEO audit needs to have legs. It needs to be able to stand on its own as a service and a deliverable. If this is the case, then it has value and will actually help you close more business – which is the goal of the free SEO audit.

Paid discovery audits and campaign start audits

A paid white label SEO discovery audit is a great way to get paid for your research and strategy. These paid discovery audits often look identical to a well designed free audit, they simply have a price tag on them.

This is a constant debate in the digital agency world – whether to offer a free discovery or a paid discovery. When it comes to discovery audits, the quality should be the same regardless of whether it was paid or free – the idea is that you will recoup your cost involved in completing the audit in the future work.

With respect to auditing during a campaign this likely looks a bit different than a typical discovery audit as the campaign is already won. Instead this audit will likely focus on identifying the low hanging fruit opportunity that needs or can be done right away, and what can be pushed out based on ROI into future months of the campaign.

At least this is how we approach our campaign start audits. Our initial audit is completed and fixes are made during our first on-boarding month, and then for minor issues, we simply setup a website crawler and our team will chip away at things which will be reflected in our white label SEO reporting.

White Label SEO Audit Software vs Having a Human Do Your Audit

There are no shortage of white label SEO audit software out there. Push-button SEO audits have been around for as long as SEO itself. Like anything there are some pros and cons to relying solely on software to complete your white label SEO audits.

They are great from a cost and speed perspective as it does not take a lot of time or money to generate an automated report. However, when it comes to really understanding the client and their business context, they simply don’t compare to having an SEO strategist do a manual audit on a website.

If you are looking for a white label SEO audit tool here are a few of the popular ones

Agency Analytics SEO Audit Tool

Agency analytics is a tool that we referenced in our list of best white label seo reporting dashboards. Their site auditor was recently overhauled to include more insight into the overall “health” of your website from an SEO perspective. Although not as beneficial as having a strategist do a manual audit, it is a great first source of data to run with.

SEO Optimer

SEO Optimer is one of the most popular (for good reason) white label seo audit tools on the market. They allow partners to add custom branding and make their audits embeddable (for an extra cost). For a low monthly fee you can get access to an unlimited number of audits – much cheaper than doing them yourself.

These audit reports are fairly actionable and as far as tools go, this would get my vote if you were simply looking to generate nice brand-able PDF SEO audits.

My Site Auditor

Another popular site auditor tool that will allow you to easily and quickly generate white label SEO audits. They’ve been around for a while and have stood the test of time – so they are likely here to stay.

Out Free SEO Audits For White Label Partners

For those of you that are interested in white label SEO audits that are completed by a person, not a machine. I encourage you to try one of ours. We offer free white label SEO audits to all potential partners.

All you have to do is signup to our white label SEO dashboard and submit a free audit and proposal. It takes 1 minute to submit and we will be in touch shortly thereafter.

Looking forward to auditing your client’s site for you!

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