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White Label SEO Reporting: Reporting for your clients with your brand

Providing your clients with excellent data reporting is one of the most popular white label services within the digital marketing space. And rightfully so. Showing success for your activities, whether you’re doing them in-house or outsourcing is crucial to improve customer happiness and avoid churn for your campaigns. So when we set out to design the perfect white label seo offering in the market – we know that nailing down the perfect white label SEO reporting process would also be necessary.

I won’t lie – it took some time and required testing of multiple tools, but what we learned in the process was very valuable. In this post I wanted to share with you:

  • What are white label SEO reporting solutions and what do they do.
  • The different options that are out there.
  • What to look for in a white label reporting suite.
  • White Label SEO Reporting vs Doing it Yourself.

What is White Label SEO Reporting?

White label SEO reporting is the process of offering reporting to your clients through third-party software and solutions while maintaining brand consistency of your own brand. In other words, using tools to do the reporting for you, but being able to brand the report as your own so your client feels as though it has come directly from you.

For the most part, white label SEO reports are generated via software and not typically through a specific service provider. That said, with services like ours that offer white label SEO services, we need to offer our partners reports that are branded for THEM – making it a bit of both software and service.

What Do These White Label SEO Reporting Platforms Actually Do?

In a few words: aggregate data + visualization.

A good SEO reporting dashboard is going to let you aggregate data from multiple sources – Google Analytics, Search Console, Keyword Ranking data, perhaps crawl or technical data – and visualize the data to tell a story about how a campaign is performing.

What Should You Look For In a Platform?

When we are shopping for a platform there are a few criteria we use (with any software solution, but this is specific to white label SEO reporting):

1. All the data sources that make sense for you. For us, at a minimum this is Google Analytics, Search Console, Google My Business, and Keyword Rankings.

2. Value-add services / sources included. For us, we love having a site crawler built into the reporting dashboard as it allows us to easily report on technical issues.

3. Per project pricing that makes sense. Do they charge per seat or per keyword? Or both? Making sure you get a pricing model that fits with your style of business (high price small volume vs high volume low cost?).

4. Attractive roadmap. You need to make sure that you are going to choose a piece of software that is being actively worked on. No piece of software is going to be perfect for every use case – but making sure they are working on making it better is always a plus.

Most Popular White Label SEO Reporting Solutions

When you think Digital Media reporting, there are a handful of software platforms that jump out at you. We thought we’d call out a few great white label SEO reporting dashboards and suites that may do the trick for you, along with a bit of context or insight on each, if we have it.

Agency Analytics

Agency Analytics is currently what we use for the majority of our partner reporting needs. While the platform offers all sorts of reporting and integration options – from call tracking to email marketing and paid search – we only have experience within the SEO elements.

Currently, Agency Analytics allows us to track keywords, get insight from website crawl (they recently revamped their website crawl which is MUCH better than it was (but we think it could still use some love)), generate white label seo audits, integrate Google Analytics, and Search Console data, and when needed, pull backlink data from Magestic, SEMRush, Moz, or Ahrefs (depending on if you have a paid account).

Overall, it does just about everything we need from a reporting dashboard with the added benefit for some technical site crawl data.

We currently use Agency Analytics. If you’d like to test them out and get 50% off your first month, use Coupon Code “AA_PARTNER_76772” at check-out (we’ll get a $50 credit as well, so thank you!).

Pricing Model: They charge a sliding scale based on the number of active campaigns, keywords, and pages crawled. Personally, we find paying for seats where we use very little keyword data and crawl data a bit frustrating, but overall the tool is great. Their $399 per month plan

Raven Tools

Raven Tools

Raven Tools is another popular reporting dashboard and one that we have some, but limited experience with. We used this tool through another agency partner with a handful of campaigns but not for very long.

The one thing I really remember about Raven Tools is that it can be a bit overly complicated and has a much higher learning curve than some other reporting suites.

Pricing Model: Similar to Agency Analytics, they charge based on tracked keywords and campaign seats, however they include a lot more campaigns per dollar so if price is a concern – Raven Tools may be a great solution for you. Their $399 per month plan has 320 campaigns and 25,000 position checks.

Rank Ranger

Rank Ranger

Rank Ranger is very comparable to Raven Tools in functionality but closer to Agency Analytics with pricing. While we have no direct experience with this platform yet, it is on my list to trial out as we get into a high volume requirements for reporting.

Pricing Model: Similar to Raven Tools, they charge based on tracked keywords and campaign seats, currently their $399 price has 50 campaigns with 2000 daily keyword checks. This puts their pricing closer to Agency Analytics.

Bright Local

Bright Local is another tool we use very often – specifically when we work with multi-location campaigns. They have incredible pricing and excellent data tracking which makes them a very attractive tool for Local SEO reporting. We use this tool in addition to Agency Analytics.

Pricing Model: Bright Local is one of the most affordable pricing options in all of the industry. This is why so many professionals use it even though they may also have a second tool. Their $79 / month plan includes tracking data for 100 locations – which could be 100 campaigns for single location businesses.

Does It Ever Make Sense Doing Reporting Yourself?

Aggregating data across multiple sources and presenting that data in a way that is both pleasing and communicates the success of a campaign is nothing something that should be thrown together. For most agencies, their core business and competency is on delivering the actual service – not reporting on the success.

What we’ve noticed is that for most companies exploring reporting – whether for paid media, SEO, email marketing, etc. – is that in the beginning the cost savings alone of choosing a white-label reporting dashboard makes WAY more sense than doing it in-house.

However, as you continue to grow and add accounts, it’s possible there will come a point when the cost of doing it yourself outweighs the cost of the tools.

Usually, we make the recommendation for a company to take reporting in-house if:

  • The cost to hire in-house analytics is cheaper than the tool cost to manage the volume of campaigns they run.
  • Their branding requirements – or perhaps the design of the actual report – is so advanced they need to handle it themselves.
  • They specifically charge for reporting services.

For most agencies – especially those under the seven-figure mark – a white label aggregate reporting dashboard is likely what they’ll need to demonstrate success to their clients. However there will come a time when they need to investigate other alternatives.

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