We Help Solve Big Problems For Web Designers

You are a talented, caring, and client-centric web professional. You create beautiful experiences and help your clients represent themselves online. Your clients can feel your passion and can tell that you care deeply about what you do and how you serve them.

Providing an excellent service to your client usually means advising them on the latest trends and best practices on a whole suite of solutions and technologies. After all, you are their expert.

Now, Let me try to describe to you one of the big issues that we see a lot of designers and web professionals run into.

Now that your client has a beautiful website and online presence they naturally inquire about increasing the visibility of their website for key search terms in their industry – they want to show off this amazing piece of work that you completed. This leads to the initial conversation about search engine optimization.

You know enough to have the initial conversation and offer some guidance and of course you do that. However, you are left wondering how to really make sure your client’s SEO needs are best met. This industry is constantly evolving and it can be tricky.

You’ve likely tried to piece together a solution in the past in some shape or form. Perhaps you offered the service yourself, hired a freelancer, got your cousin to do it, etc. but in the end, unfortunately, the process rarely works out that well.

The SEO Problem

This is your SEO problem and let me explain to you why this usually happens.

You see, most solo entrepreneurs and small to medium sized businesses don’t have the budget to hire an expensive agency to service their organic search needs. Unfortunately, this is where a lot of the talented SEOs are employed.

There are some smaller digital marketing companies that may fit within your client’s budget, but many of these don’t have the expertise in organic search and rather focus on paid media. Sure, they may offer SEO as a service and will tell you they can execute, but at the end of the day, you can tell that they are not confident in their own service offering and you don’t trust your client’s money with them.

I’m not saying there aren’t great independent SEOs out there – I know some of the most amazing and talented SEOs there are. But there’s something that you should know about almost all of them. While they may be able to handle a request like this for a small business, they also have their own web properties that generate them income (affiliate sites, lead gen sites, etc.) and client consulting isn’t usually their core business. This means that they can be flakey, hard to reach, or simply don’t deliver the quality that you would hope.

That is the problem of trying to serve the solo entrepreneur and small business within the organic search industry. Combining this with frequent changes to algorithms and some companies and freelancers not staying on top of these changes and this is why the SEO industry has received such an awful reputation over the last several years.

That Makes Sense But What Can We Do About It?

Great question. The short answer is that you need to be the one to serve your clients.

Why? Because no one loves your clients as much as you do – no one really cares like you do. Like it or not, you are their online expert and best point of contact.

What if I told you we could help you easily and consistently offer the best SEO service for solo entrepreneurs and small to medium sized businesses (your clients!) without having the headache and hassle of custom quotes, complicated pricing, risky service, and ever worrying about whether or not your clients will be served well. Of course you would be interested, you would love to best serve your clients.

Now, what if I told you that you could pay one low flat rate and receive unlimited SEO requests for all of your clients any time you need.

Adam, hold the phone, did you just say flat rate and unlimited? I did. Interested in how we can help you and your business? Click here to learn more.

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