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SEO for content-focused businesses and website owners.

You're investing the time to produce high quality content and establish yourself as an industry expert. Let us help you leverage your efforts to improve organic visibility in the process.


You produce high quality content, we'll give it the best chance of being found on the web.

Focus on creating compelling content for your industry and leave the technical optimizations to us. We help content-focused businesses and website owners get more out of their blogging and content marketing efforts.

Our content optimization process includes high quality keyword research, page-specific meta-data optimizations, and best practice internal linking in order to give your content the best shot of being found.

Content marketing can have more of an impact on your overall visibility than you might think. It's more than getting views to your specific articles. Your content efforts should be increasing the visibility of your whole site - we'll make sure this happens.

Content SEO
Content Ideas SEO

Not sure what to write about? You're not alone. We can help with that too.

Not knowing what to write about is one of the main reasons that businesses do not consistently publish content.

You know that you should be producing consistent, high-quality content and you have the resources to get it done, now let us help guide your content marketing efforts by providing topic ideas based on what your potential clients are searching for.

Every quarter we will complete in-depth keyword research to identify common questions or problems that your target market are having and how they are looking for answers and solutions.

Now you'll always have something to write about.

Your content is only as strong as the foundation on which it is built.

Publishing content on a website or blog that is riddled with technical issues and limitations is simply a waste of time and money.

With our continuous content optimization solution, our team consistently reviews crawl errors and looks for potential technical issues on your website. We'll be alerted if there is ever a significant problem with your site.

Identifying and fixing any technical limitations can have a multiplying efforts on your visibility.

Blog Technical SEO

Learn more about what is included in our continuous content optimization solution

Initial Content Audit

Initial content audit for content-focused businesses and website owners.

Content audit based on previous 365 days of traffic data to identify content issues or opportunities.

Identify the content that drives the most traffic to understand the type of content that performs well.

Identify internal or external duplicate content issues.

Identify potential thin or low-quality content pages that could be negatively impacting your website.

Specific recommendations on old content pieces that no longer add value or drive traffic.

Support for implementing any recommendations from the audit if using the WordPress CMS.

Initial idea pack for future content ideas.


one-time per site

Monthly Content Optimization

Best practice technical and content SEO for content-focused businesses and website owners

Monthly optimizations of every new piece of published content throughout the previous 30 days.

Page-specific meta-data optimizations including page titles and meta-descriptions.

Optimization of alt tags for images used within the content.

Internal links added to support other content and core services or product pages.

Monthly reviews of Google Analytics and Search Console to identify issue or opportunity

Monthly organic search report showing organic traffic, conversion data, and keyword ranking and visibility.


monthly per site

Are you a freelancer or agency owner? Ask about our white-label or affiliate opportunities.

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