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Build better performing websites by laying the right SEO foundation.

Whether you're building a brand new website or redesigning a site for an existing business, our web design project SEO support is the solution for you and your client. Let us take the guess work out of SEO and lay the right foundation.


Lay the right foundation for organic visibility on every project, every time.

We take the risk and uncertainty as it relates to organic visibility and ranking out of the equation during your website redesign or new build projects. Focus on what you do best - building amazing websites for your clients, and leave implementing best practice SEO to us.

If you manage web design projects for your clients, then this is the solution for you. Regardless of whether you do design, development, branding, strategy, or anything in between, if you are the point of contact for your clients, we can help.

Our web design project support has multiple options so you can work with us regardless of your client's budget to ensure the success of their organic visibility.

Website Design SEO

Avoid awkward conversations with clients by mitigating risk to visibility during a redesign or rebuild.

As many people unfortunately experience, redesigning a website can oftentimes have a disastrous effect on its organic visibility. But it doesn't have to be this way.

During the website redesign process, significant changes to CMS, page speed, content, site structure or URL slug could have significant impact to visibility.

Our Redesign SEO Solution was created to help you understand how your decisions impact your website's organic performance and to help you capitalize on the opportunities that exist during the redesign process.

We don't build or redesign a website without the support of the SEO Brothers anymore. There is always a budget that works and we know that we're setting things up the right way, every time.

- Jeff Horst, Business Development Manager, Echosims.com

Solutions to match any client's need. Pricing to meet any budget.

Brief & Support

Built to include in every project you sell.

Industry and/or website analysis to uncover potential risks and opportunities during the design project.

Review of technical aspects, content, local and keyword relevance and link profile.

Customized advice based on historic website performance and competition.

Tailored to the type of project, whether a redesign or a new build.

Actionable Trello Board deliverable with video walkthrough. 

Unlimited email support and Q&A throughout the entire project.


per project*

Research & Strategy

Perfect for those working with content writers.

Everything that is included within the "Brief & Support" package.

In-depth searcher intent and keyword research based on industry and competition.

Keyword mapping document, assigning keywords and searcher intent to specific pages.

Recommendations on additional content based on keyword research.

Optional 15-minute call to discuss keyword research, mapping, and the brief.

Unlimited email support and Q&A throughout the entire project.


per project*

Full Project SEO

The hassle-free, all-in peace of mind solution.

Everything that is included within the "Research & Strategy" package.

Page-specific optimizations of page titles, meta descriptions, and internal links.

Technical website optimizations based on crawl data of the development environment.

301 redirect support for redesigns and launch day support for all projects.

Google Analytics and Google Search Console setup and optimization if required.

Two 15-minute calls to throughout the project if required.


per project*

Full Project & Boost

For those who expect a little more visibility.

Everything that is included within the "Full Project SEO" package.

Google My Business optimization for up to two locations.

Citation building for up to two locations.

Link acquisition based on competitive link profile and other low hanging fruit opportunity.

Initial visibility and performance benchmark, with a 3-month report and check-in call.

Two 15-minute calls to throughout the project plus the 3-month strategy call.


per project*

Are you an agency or freelance web designer? We have further discounted white-label and preferred partner pricing available. Request white-label pricing here.

* This is for a "typical" website, no more than 30 optimized pages. We have competitive pricing for larger projects as well.

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