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WordPress SEO Solutions For Smart Website Owners

Our team of trained WordPress SEO specialists are dedicated to the success of your online business and website. Let us handle the ongoing technical and content optimizations so you can focus on growing your business.


Enjoy Our Hassle-free WordPress SEO Support

WP SEO Care Pack

Technical WordPress SEO maintenance and performance reports

Daily off-site backups and recovery options

Weekly core WordPress updates to themes and plugins

24/7 website uptime monitoring

Page speed monitoring and improvements

Mobile & Tablet SEO monitoring and improvements

Weekly website crawls to continuously identify potential risks and opportunities and improve crawlability and visibility

Real-time organic visibility and technical SEO monitoring with immediate fixes if required

Weekly or Monthly reporting (depending on your preference)

Our bi-weekly industry updates with news and changes to the SEO industry and how they may impact your business


monthly per site

Unlimited WP SEO

Unlimited technical & content SEO for WordPress websites.

Everything included in the WP SEO Care Pack

Optimization for each new piece of content you publish, including keyword research, custom written page titles, meta-descriptions, header tags, alt tags, and internal linking

Unlimited content optimization - publish as much as you like and we will optimize all new content

Idea generation for blog posts based on in-depth keyword and searcher intent research

Continuous keyword relevance optimization for all historic content

Leverage industry-leading SEO tools on request for competitive or industry research

Unlimited support and advice on strategies that you can be doing to help improve organic visibility.

Our bi-weekly industry updates with news and changes to the SEO industry and how they may impact your business


monthly per site

Looking for a new web host? Add our WordPress SEO-optimized hosting at checkout for $25 monthly per site. Migration included.

Are you a freelancer or agency owner? Ask about our white-label or affiliate opportunities.

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WP Core Updates, Uptime Monitoring & Daily Off-site WordPress Backups

Because there's nothing worse for your SEO than your whole website going down.


Unlimited SEO Q&A

Have a question about strategy or what you could be doing to help your visibility? Curious what your competitors are up to? Ask away. Your dedicated specialist is here to answer your SEO-related questions


Weekly crawl review and fixes.

We're always reviewing your SEO visibility data and changes to your website. We fix issues on the fly and make sure your website is positioned for excellent visibility.


Simple, Fixed Monthly Pricing

You pay the same amount every month regardless of how much you publish or how large your website is. Focus on growing your business, let us support your SEO.


Visibility Reports Delivered Weekly or Monthly

We monitor your website daily. Crawl, review, and fix visibility data weekly, and only bother you when you choose (unless something significant arises).

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Technical & Page Speed Improvements

Because these things count more than you think. We continuously fix technical issues, improve site speed, security, and performance.

Our most commonly asked questions

What is technical SEO?

SEO is more than domain authority and links. There are many factors that contribute to the visibility of your website that you might not consider. These include on-page aspects such as page speed, site security, page-level keyword relevance, internal linking structure, crawlability, and page-specific meta-data. All of our WordPress SEO plans receive continuous technical optimization to ensure your website is up to our high SEO standards.

What is Unlimited WordPress SEO? Sounds too good to be true.

Our unlimited WordPress SEO solution includes everything in our WP Care Pack - such as our technical SEO improvements, visibility monitoring, backups, and core WordPress maintenance, but we don't stop there. We will optimize every piece of new content you publish. Regardless of whether you publish one blog post or 20 blog posts and products every month, we'll do the keyword research and proper optimizations for content, page titles, and internal and external linking for every published blog post, page, or product.

What is included in the 14-day Money Back Guarantee?

We believe that when we find the right fit, we can make some real magic happen. But we also understand that we aren't the right solution for everyone. This is why we give you two full weeks to meet your specialists, get some work done, and make your own decision. If you don't absolutely love the process, we will give you a 100% refund, no hard feelings.

I use shopify, drupal, joomla, squarespace, etc. Can you help?

Sorry, no. These are all great platforms, however, we have focused our efforts on optimizing WordPress websites for maximum organic visibility. This allows us to deliver an incredible service for WordPress website owners.

I'm a freelancer or agency and I'm interested in reselling. Is this possible?

Definitely! We do offer white-label support solutions and affiliate opportunities to web professionals and agencies. Feel free to reach out to us and we can find a solution that fits with your business or lifestyle.

Do you guys write content for me?

No. We focus on optimizing all of the new content that you publish to ensure that it gets the best chance of being found. We are happy to work closely with your content creator, however we do not create content from scratch.

How quickly will my content get optimized?

We make your newly published content a priority and we always shoot for a 24 hour turnaround. Newly found technical issues will be fixed immediately, and we will work tirelessly to fix all technical issues and optimize past content.

Will this service help improve my rankings and organic traffic?

Our WP Care Pack is a maintenance and monitoring solution for your business website. While the initial technical clean up and page speed improvements will help improve visibility that is not the goal of the solution, rather to have the proper foundation to build upon.

Our Unlimited WP SEO service focuses on growing long-tail organic traffic to your website by optimizing new and existing content. We do make core service keywords a priority with our internal linking strategies and when we work closely with website owners who are interested in promoting their own businesses online, we can make some significant increases to both rankings and traffic.

Let's Get Started - 100% Risk Free

There is no risk to see if our WordPress SEO solutions are a good fit for your business.

Take two weeks to learn the process, meet the specialists, and see how we can help.

If we're not meant to be that's okay. You'll get a 100% refund.


Flat-Rate Pricing

Avoid over-priced optimization solutions and confusing scope of work. You publish, we optimize & maintain.


On-demand SEO Support

Have a specific SEO question or issue you want us to look at? No problem. Our team of specialists are standing by.


No Contracts

Avoid long-term contracts. All our WordPress SEO plans are month-to-month. Upgrade or Downgrade anytime.

Have more questions? Want to discuss? Let us know...


"Honestly, working with the SEO Brothers has been incredible. The process is great and I always know what I'm getting on every single project."

- Rob Gillan, Owner, RedEarMedia.ca