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Get the SEO support you need for your freelance business and choose the solutions that fit best with your current service offerings.


We partner with talented, caring, and client-centric web professionals, (just like Katy).

Meet Katy. Katy runs a design business called Tall Poppies Design and a web design community called Web Designer Beauty School.

Katy wears multiple hats – building websites while managing relationships with her amazing clients.

We support Katy by providing support for her SEO needs through our well-defined solutions. New Build SEO and Redesign SEO are popular options for Katy to support her website projects with quality and affordable optimization services.

This helps Katy win more business while providing the best possible value to her clients.


Yes, we really are brothers - and we look forward to having you a part of the family.

Adam (that's me) on the left, and Devon is on the right. We have built our business by helping freelancers and small design shops just like yourself.

We are a family-run business and treat everyone we work with as familiy - that includes your trusting clients.

Deciding to work with the SEO Brothers is more than selecting a vendor or choosing to outsource a service - it's adding a family member to your digital team.

We aren't always the right fit, but when we are we can really make some magic happen. Start the conversation by downloading our white-label pricing and lets get the chance to connect.

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Our most popular solutions for supporting our web designer partners
Solutions to match any client's need. Pricing to meet any budget.

Brief & Support

Built to include in every project you sell.

Industry and/or website analysis to uncover potential risks and opportunities during the design project.

Review of technical aspects, content, local and keyword relevance and link profile.

Customized advice based on historic website performance and competition.

Tailored to the type of project, whether a redesign or a new build.

Actionable Trello Board deliverable with video walkthrough. 

Unlimited email support and Q&A throughout the entire project.

Research & Strategy

Perfect for those working with content writers.

Everything that is included within the "Brief & Support" package.

In-depth searcher intent and keyword research based on industry and competition.

Keyword mapping document, assigning keywords and searcher intent to specific pages.

Recommendations on additional content based on keyword research.

Optional 15-minute call to discuss keyword research, mapping, and the brief.

Unlimited email support and Q&A throughout the entire project.

Full Project SEO

The hassle-free, all-in peace of mind solution.

Everything that is included within the "Research & Strategy" package.

Page-specific optimizations of page titles, meta descriptions, and internal links.

Technical website optimizations based on crawl data of the development environment.

301 redirect support for redesigns and launch day support for all projects.

Google Analytics and Google Search Console setup and optimization if required.

Two 15-minute calls to throughout the project if required.

Full Project & Boost

For those who expect a little more visibility.

Everything that is included within the "Full Project SEO" package.

Google My Business optimization for up to two locations.

Citation building for up to two locations.

Link acquisition based on competitive link profile and other low hanging fruit opportunity.

Initial visibility and performance benchmark, with a 3-month report and check-in call.

Two 15-minute calls to throughout the project plus the 3-month strategy call.

These are suggested retail pricing. We have further discounted white-label and preferred partner pricing available. Request white-label pricing here.

* This is for a "typical" website, no more than 30 optimized pages. We have competitive pricing for larger projects as well.

We are here to keep you ahead of the curve and support your business, like family.

We work closely with our partners to make sure they have everything they need to successfully launch websites and grow their business.

Our support extends well beyond our defined solutions - we are always available via email or Slack to help you win more business or answer any questions you might have about growing your business.

Does your client have a technical question about organic visibility? We can help. Need a gut-check on a project? We are here for you.

SEO Support
SEO training for agencies

Interested in delivering these services without our help? Our SEO for Website Builders course launches Q1 2019. Get on the waitlist today.

We are hard at work developing an SEO training course designed specifically for web professionals that manage web design or re-build projects.

Whether you are a web designer, developer, project manager or agency owner, if you are involved with a website project this course is designed for you.

From risk mitigation to building in best practice SEO foundations this course covers a variety of topics that will allow you to include or sell in organic search solutions with more ease and confidence than ever before.

"Whether I need support during a redesign project or I have a client that wants a more advanced SEO campaign, I can always rely on the SEO Brothers to deliver quality work while best serving my clients. They feel like a part of my team and are always there when I have a question or need support.

- Chris Kloetstra, Owner, iTrendesign.com

"By having Adam and the SEO Brothers on speed dial (or email) I know that my clients are getting the best possible service when it comes to SEO. They have customized solutions specifically to my business and types of clients so I know they are getting the highest quality work at the most affordable prices."

- Rob Gillan, Founder + Web Designer, Red Ear Media

Tell us a bit about yourself and let's see if we're a good fit. No cost or commitment.

We don't claim to be the world's best SEO specialists. But we do promise we are the most caring SEOs you'll find out there.  We work best with web designers and website builders who are caring and give a damn about their clients and their work. Does that sound like you?

As your SEO Brothers it's our goal to make your life easier. Let's start a conversation and see if we're a good fit.

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